40 Fingers guitar band play a beautiful cover of Vivaldi Storm

40 Fingers

40 Fingers is guitar band making great videos on youtube, they mostly create covers for a well known musical pieces. In the video below, they perform Presto (Storm) from Vivaldi ‘s Estate – the Four Seasons.

Original music is by the great classical baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi, arranged by Andrea Vittori and Emanuele Grafitti.

We can say that thousands of people are making covers and interpretations of Vivaldi storm, but 40 fingers version is quite unique. Because the idea of performing vivaldi storm on 4 guitars is nice, and the video itself is so charming. And that’s off course beside the great music performance and arrangement.


40 fingers band

This guitar quartet is based in Trieste (Italy). 40 fingers members are the guitarists Matteo Brenci, Emanuele Grafitti, Andrea Vittori and Marco Steffè.

All are from Italy, they are coming from different music backgrounds and they have more than 15 years of experience in live shows. 

The group is known for its unique and exciting approach to its performances. And for the flawless technique of its members. So the four men each bring different talent, ability and experience to the group

The band started in 2017, their repertoire includes various genres like tango, exciting renditions of classical favorites…..

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