9 Amazing Celine Dion duets you should listen

9 Amazing Celine Dion Duets You Should Listen

Canadian singer Celine Dion is one of pop music’s most influential voices alive today, The star has teamed up with a long list of amazing artists from classically trained artists to even R&B crooners. No matter the duet partner, Dion makes each artist’s voice sharing the stage with her shine in a new way. She reaches out-of-this-world levels when she performs with them live.


Check out videos and enjoy these amazing Celine Dion duets list

1- “I Hate You Then I Love You” with Luciano Pavarotti

This duet is the most special celine dion duet songs where she joined the famed Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti on stage live (During a 1998 Pavarotti and Friends concert in Italy) to perform their duet “I Hate You Then I Love You”. Here, Celine Dion showed what incredible vocal range she has. To stay as an equal to great Pavarotti. However, The song originally appeared on Dion’s 1997 album “Let’s Talk About Love.”

Luciano Pavarotti & Celine Dion - I Hate You Then I Love You


2- “All The Way” with Frank Sinatra

Céline Dion recorded “All the Way” song as a virtual duet with legend Frank Sinatra (using the vocals from his 1963 Reprise recording) on her 1999 compilation album All the Way… A Decade of Song and also performed the song in virtual duet in her Las Vegas show, A New Day…. This version of the song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Collaboration. She sang the song at the “Sinatra 100 — An All-Star GRAMMY Concert” in Las Vegas on December 6 2015.

All the Way - Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra LIVE


3- “The Prayer” with Andrea Bocelli 

This list of Celine Dion duets songs can’t be complete without this duet “The Prayer” with Italian singer Andrea Bocelli, It is one of Dion’s biggest moments, though, came in 1998 when she recorded this hit at a concert in Central Park with the New York Philharmonic. “The prayer” song was featured on the soundtrack to the film Quest For Camelot in the same year, and has since been covered by all manner of classical crossover artists, including Jonathan and Charlotte.

Céline Dion & Andrea Bocelli - The Prayer (Vietsub)

4- “Tell Him” with Barbra Streisand 

Hard to believe this duet was done over 20 yrs ago! Their voices are timeless! Two of the best female vocalists of all time!

This song “Tell Him” recorded as a never-before-performed-live duet by American singer Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion for their 1997 albums, Higher Ground and Let’s Talk About Love. It became a top ten hit in Europe and Australia.

Céline Dion & Barbra Streisand - Tell Him (1997) HD


5- “I believe in you” with Il divo

“I Believe in You (Je crois en toi)” is one of beautiful celine dion duets live as the result of a collaboration between Céline Dion and opera singers “Il Divo”, released as the third and last single from Dion’s On ne change pas album (2005), and first and only from Il Divo’s Ancora (2005).

Celine Dion & Il Divo I Believe In You


6- “Beauty And The Beast” with Peabo Bryson

This duet will reminds you of your childhood fantasies.

Canadian diva Celine Dion teamed up with American R&B vocalist Peabo Bryson for a pop duet. They sang a classic Disney song “Beauty And The Beast” song For the 1991 Disney animated feature film of the same name. Their collaboration garnered them an Oscar the following year.

Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson - Beauty And The Beast (HQ Official Music Video)


7- “If I Can Dream” with Elvis Presley

on American Idol in 2007, Queen of Pop Celine Dion performed another timeless virtual duet “If I Can Dream”, this time with the King of Rock & Roll “Elvis Presley”. Thanks to the power of technology that allowed Dion to have a duet with the late Elvis Presley.

Elvis & Celine Dion - If I Can Dream (A remastered version of the duet)


8- “The Prayer” with Josh Groban 

In 2008, she released a new version of “The Prayer” with singer Josh Groban. They had first performed it together during the 1999 GRAMMY Awards rehearsals when Josh was just 17. However, Their version of “The Prayer” is one of the most moving songs in Groban’s repertoire.

Celine Dion & Josh Groban live 'The Prayer' [with lyrics]


9- “Hallelujah” with the Canadian Tenors

A memorable performance when Celine Dion surprised the quartet (Canadian Tenors) mid-performance on stage, where They were performing “Hallelujah”.. and then performing with them. It’s great to see the surprise on their faces, how they all have mini heart attacks!

Celine Dion Surprises the Canadian Tenors and Sings Hallelujah With Them

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