The most-recorded Spanish song “La Paloma” with Andre Rieu

"La Paloma" with Andre Rieu

In this video, you watch The most-recorded Spanish song “La Paloma” with Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra live in Mexico. 


La Paloma song:

The beloved song “La Paloma” (meaning: The Dove), is a popular Spanish song composed and written in the 1850s by the Spanish composer Sebastián Iradier (later Yradier) after being influenced by music in Cuba. The song belongs to a genre of songs called “Habaneras”. Like all “Habaneras”, its characteristic and distinct rhythm reflect the fusion of the local Cuban songs that the Spanish sailors brought back from their travels, with the rhythmic structure of the flamenco “tanguillo gaditano” (original from Cádiz, Andalusia).”

It was a favorite of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico (1832-1867). In the 1939 film Juarez, Emperor Maximilian requests that the song ‘La Paloma’ be played during his execution. It was also used in A Moment to Remember (2004) South korean movie.

Iradier was never to know how popular his song would become. It became popular outside of Spain, particularly in Mexico, and soon spread around the world as one of the most frequently played song in the world. In Zanzibar they play it at the end of weddings, in Romania at the end of funerals, in Mexico as a “second anthem”, and in Germany as a sailor’s lament.


Today, It is the most-recorded Spanish song. It has been recorded in more than 50 languages by the best singers/musicians and orchestras in the world. Since Elvis Presley (English lyrics: “No More” song), Julio Iglesias, Billy Vaughin,Pepe Romero (Guitar), Mireille Mathieu (German lyrics song), André Rieu, to Brazilian backlands, including the oldest and pionners Cascatinha & Nhana more 70 years ago.


La Paloma English Lyrics (translation):

When I left Havana, Goodness gracious
No one saw me leave but myself
And a pretty clever girl, like a flower (1)
Came after me, yes sir..

If a dove comes to your window
Treat her with affection, for she is my own
Tell her well of the loves in your life
And Crown her with flowers, for she is mine
Oh yes, little pebble, give me your love (2)
Oh come with me, little ladybug
To where I live

Ah Chinita, that’s right, give me your love
Oh come with me, little girl
To wherever is my home

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