Awesome Photos Taken Inside Music Instruments

Awesome Photos Taken Inside Music Instruments

The inside of a musical instrument where Music beauty is created is just as mystical as the notes that come out from there. It is like shadowy, mysterious chambers, filled with sunlight breaking from little cracks on the walls Make you Want to Live In Them and experience the feeling of mightiness and mystery.

These images Taken Inside Music Instruments are absolutely unique in the way they’re taken. They were broken, or open for repairs, so the cameras were put inside them.

Some photos were taken for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra for their print campaign.


Inside of a viola 


Inside the Cello: photo by Adrian Borda 






Inside a Piano 


Inside a Saxophone: photo by Adrian Borda




Inside a Guitar: photo by Adrian Borda 



Inside a Violin: photo by Adrian Borda 



Inside a Pipe Organ

Inside a Flute


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