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orange 5
Dan land
Casting Westlife
Judas Velvet
Type poken
Gritty Slayer
Zac future
Bluegrass in
Band of Machine
Paradise serpent
The Charlie Quintet
Hillsong ememy
Addison Beatles
Four & country
Montgomery skins
Bill Peppers
Lady Junior
blue power
Five Foxes

Band name generator by genre + (check if it’s in use)

Need Awesome Band Name Ideas? Whether it’s as a rock band, jazz band or kpop group, create  a beautiful name in seconds with this free tool: Band name generator. It will give you thousands of group name ideas. Just add a word or phrase, pick a genre, and hit the ‘generate’ button.

How this random band name generator works?

The generator use a large database of existing band names and randomly finds words that work well with each other or with the word you added with input box. This tool can also be used as a musician name generator, many names can be used for single artists.

To use this generator follow these simple steps:

  1.  (optional) Add your word(s).You can add your first name, place, number, color, animal, food….
  2. (optional) Pick the genre your band is in (In case you don’t pick a genre, it will generate random names from all genres).
  3. Hit the ‘generate’ button

Available genres to choose from:

  • Rock
  • K-pop
  • Metal
  • Country
  • Rap
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Christian band names

Examples of K-pop band names:

  • Pink girls
  • Starry teen
  • Super friends
  • Moonland
  • The winners
  • Black hole
  • Red Zone
  • SunLife
  • Teen generation


Examples of Christian band names:

  • Super united
  • building culture
  • Jesus way
  • Prophets Road
  • God Talk
  • Harmonic love
  • The clay
  • Good move
  • First BREATHE
  • The Journey
  • workship


Don’t like the names? Simply click again to get new random names. Also if you continue to change the input word, you will wind up with some workable band names.

Check if a Band Name Is Already in Use?

You can cause a lot of confusion and get into legal trouble if you use a name of an already-existed band. Our tool may generate existing names, so we added “search Spotify ” feature to help you to check the status of a band name on Spotify platform. You can also google it to make sure a band of that name doesn’t already exist.

However, If your favourite name in use, don’t worry you can find a similar-sounding name or add on an additional word/numbers, so you will be able to avoid any legal troubles with the other bands, and people will do not confuse you with other bands.

Catchy-sounding names like song titles, album names are also good ways to end up with a good name for your band, have a look on Song name generator to get more ideas.