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Band name generator | (Thousands of ideas + check if it’s in use)

Need awesome band name ideas? Whether it’s as a rock band, jazz band or K-pop group, create  a beautiful name in seconds with Band Name Generator free tool. It will give you thousands of group name ideas. Just pick a genre, and hit the ‘Generate’ button.

How this random band name generator works?

This generator uses a large database of existing/non-exicting band names and randomly finds words that work well with each. Many names can be used for single artists, too.
To use this generator Just pick a genre! it’s that simple.
Don’t like the names? Simply click (show more) to get new random names, you will wind up with some workable band names.

Available genres to choose from:

  • Metal
  • Indie
  • Rock
  • Rap
  • Pop
  • Country
  • Kpop
  • Jazz
  • Christian
  • Funny
  • Cool
  • Singing group

Metal band names

Metal bands often use words with aggressive and dramatic lyrics that creates an atmosphere of dread and hopelessness and convey the intensity of their sound. Common words used in metal include doom, grave, crushing, destructive, and menacing.
Use the tool above to get ideas of metal band names!
The tool uses words from popular metal bands names and database of words that work fine for metal genre to generate potential names for your band.

Indie band names

Indie music (short for “independent music”) can include a variety of subgenres, such as indie rock, indie pop, and folk. Indie names should emphasizes the artistic and creative freedom of the musician.
Rock band names
A good name for your rock band isn’t the only thing needed to have a successful band, but it doesn’t hurt. It can affect your band’s image and success somehow. To choose a good rock band name it should reflect the style of your music, So strong words are helpfull.
Rock names in this generator are mix of used band names with words that work fine with rock genre.

Rap band names

Rap names often featuring a strong bassline and percussion. As the lyrics of rap songs often focus on social and cultural issues including race, poverty, violence, and politics, as well as personal experiences and emotions., so the names should be related to these subjects.
Pop band names
Pop music is often influenced by current trends, so Pop names should be something that is current and relevant. It should appeal to the current generation. Pop names should be catchy, easy to remember and can be easily understood by a diverse range of people.

Country band names

Country music is characterized by its storytelling lyrics, and use of acoustic instruments such as guitar and banjo. It usually reflect the values, experiences, and struggles of rural life, such as love, family, and faith.
To choose a good name for your country band, It should reflect the band’s image with words related to nature and rural life.

Kpop band names

Kpop (Korean pop music) is a genre of popular music that originated in South Korea. It is not just about the music, but also about the performance, dance and fashion.
Kpop names should be positive, trendy and easy top prounounce for non-Korean speakers.

Jazz band names

Jazz music is known for its improvisational nature, features complex harmonies, uses various musical forms and is typically performed by small ensembles, such as trios or quartets.
To choose a good name for your jazz band, it should be reference jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, or bebop. It is good to reference to jazz culture or locations.

Christian band names

a good Christian name should focus on praise and workship with reference to spiritual concepts like Bible verses, spiritual concepts, or religious imagery, such as Third Day, MercyMe
Christian names reflect the desire to express the faith and share a message through music.

Funny band names

Funny band names often reflect the humor of the musicians, and may include clever wordplay or unexpected meaning such as The Dead Milkmen, The Postal Service .
The name should grab the audience’s attention, create a sense of fun and irony, and provide a memorable identity for the band.

Cool band names

Cool names reflect the unique vision and creativity of the musicians, use a single, memorable word or phrase to create a distinctive identity leaving the audience intrigued and wanting to learn more, such as Nirvana or Oasis.

Singing group names

to choose a good name for your singing group, It should emphasize a sense of harmony and unity for your group , such as The Supremes or The Beach Boys.
It may use vocal-related imagery such as The Voices or The Harmonizers, to convey a sense of the group’s musical style.

Check if a band name is already in use?

You can cause a lot of confusion and get into legal trouble if you use a name of an already-existed band. This tool may generate existing names, so we added “Similar ” button feature to help you to check the status of a band name on Spotify platform. You can also google it to make sure a band of that name doesn’t already exist.

However, If your favorite name in use, don’t worry you can find a similar-sounding name or add on an additional word/numbers, so you will be able to avoid any legal troubles with the other bands, and people will do not confuse you with other bands.

Catchy-sounding names like song titles, album names are also good ways to end up with a good name for your band, have a look on Song name generator to get more ideas.