Best 8 sites for copyright free music you should know

Best 8 Sites For Copyright Free Music You Should Know

Music has the ability to up the production value of a piece of media. If you want to ِmake youtube video or create your game…., Adding music not only helps make your video/game more interesting—it also adds a professional touch. So in the blog post we have listed down 8 best sites for copyright free music download in 2019, But first let’s find out more about royalty free music. Maybe you think that royalty free music is free !

Well, it depends, because there are paid royalty-free music and free royalty-free music. However, copyright free music means You have to pay the music license ONLY ONCE, or get it free from other resources. Once you buy/get it, you can use the music anytime you want. it’s just free of any royalty fees.

So,What is the difference between free and paid copyright free music?

Free royalty-free music often has several restrictions on its use, but it offers music that is:

  • Completely free to download and use.
  • No licenses to purchase.
  • You can use for commercial purpose as long as the author didn’t change it to become a paid license.

Paid royalty free music refers to a type of music license that allows the buyer to pay the music license ONLY ONCE and use the music for as long as he wants. … You pay once and you use it anytime you want (you will not have to worry about anything else later on). It is good to purchase a paid license in this cases:

  • You want to modify the music before use it.
  • You are looking for high quality music.

It is always best to read different free licenses for every webpage and every song before use it.

Here, We’ve collected the best royalty free music sites to download free royalty-free music or purchase royalty-free music for commercial use. This list should be enough to get you started!


1- Youtube Audio Library

This is the Most popular source to get free stock music (royalty free music youtube) for videos. Its audio library has hundreds of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects of all genres. 100% free( Most of the times you would have to attribute the author). You can filter out the tracks by duration, instrument, mood, genre, and attribution and use it on YouTube or outside.

Most of the tracks are of Creative Commons Licenses including:

  • Creative Commons 0(cc0):  free for personal and commercial use
  • Creative Commons 3.0(cc3): you should say who the author is.


2- Bensound

Most of Bensound’s tracks were composed by French composer Benjamin TISSOT who has been creating music for more than 10 years. They are categorized according to the genre, You can download and use them for commercial use as well as personal use as long as you credit If you do not want to credit you can buy its license . However, You cannot make music, song or remix with Bensound music.

Most of the tracks here are of Creative Commons License: cc3


3- Free Music Archive

Here, high-quality free stock music files (Most of them are under Creative Commons license) directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. To use these songs, you should mention the artist in your project.

With its huge collection of various genres blue, country, classic, instrumental etc…, The Free Music Archive would be your best bet for finding a new popular song.

Most of the tracks are of Creative Commons Licenses including:

  • cc3
  • cc0
  • CC-BY-NC: you can modify and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as credit artist.
  • CC-BY-NC-ND: you can’t change them in any way or use them commercially.


4- Epidemic Sound 

Epidemic Sound is the service that most famous YouTubers and big channels use, It is a huge library of royalty-free music with ten thousands of Royalty-Free songs and sound effects. If you have a famous youtube channel and want to monetize it, maybe would be better to have a monthly subscription service with one of the cheapest monthly fees like “Epidemic Sound” where Pricing starts at $15/month. You can cancel any time, you will never again have any problems again with copyright claims and you can edit any track the way you like it. It is easy to use of the service. All new users get a 30-day free trial.


5- Envato Elements

Another best option with royalty free music library “Envato Elements” if you are going to use paid copyright free music, as they offer a monthly subscription for 14.50€/month that allows you to access a whole library of thousands of songs and download everything you need. you can simply search By typing a keyword or mood, it will show hundreds of songs to listen and download. so you can monetize your videos without any further problems and you will never receive a copyright claim from YouTube again.


6- Amazon

Amazon also is one of sites for copyright free music download with ten thousands of really cheap tracks to choose from. There is a wide range of categories on amazon, so you can find royalty free music for videos you make. this is a half-decent resource, but you should play around with inventive search terms to get what you want.


7- OffersAdobe

If you have not yet found what you are looking for, try to download copyright free audio tracks on OffersAdobe. It Includes thousands of royalty-free audio sound effect.  These files are categorized by type and style. you can download them in  ZIP format with a single click.

License: Adobe Software License Agreement (EULA)


8- NewGrounds

NewGround is also one of the best sites for copyright free music to add it to your games or animation. Basically, Newgrounds was a large games and animation site. In 2003, it started royalty free music service by collaborating with musicians. They have hip-hop, rock, podcasts & much more of good music.

Most of the audio tracks are under Creative Commons Licenses including:

  • cc0
  • CC-Attribution: you have to give credit to artist.
  • CC-BY-NC-SA: needs attribution plus if track is used to create new music, the new track will hold same license as original on.


In the end, here are some YouTube channels that also offer royalty-free music:

We hope this article will be useful for you in your future projects ..


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