Top playlists on Spotify – Grouped by genre, sorted by followers

What are the best playlists of all time on Spotify? How can we find them? Spotify is filled with thousands and thousands of playlists – created by users (including Spotify’s team of curators) – that have some gems we may have missed out on, but How can we find the most popular playlists on Spotify ?

Good playlist is a perfect way to not only to keep up with what’s the best, but also discover artists with different identities, perspectives, and influences.

There are many ways to discover good Spotify playlists, but instead of digging through blogs to find the best playlists to fall in love with, we are here to help the curious listener -who want to let the music come to them will love- find their way in the musical wilderness.

If you’re looking for constantly-updated top Spotify playlists lists that focuses on music discovery from all genres, this page has you covered. It is the only place you’ll find the best playlists of popular moods and genres. We make sure you are up to date on what’s new and best playlist in the music world.

Make sure those Timbs are laced tight for this exciting ride through best playlists lists, you’ll encounter a fresh mix of the newest sounds from familiar faces paired with addictive songs from exciting new artists you’ve never heard of.

Some of this playlists have been streamed billions of times, others feature updated songs from artists around the world.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for discovery, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. so consider it a stocked pond where you can throw your line anywhere and come up with a big ol’ fish. so feel free to rely on this if you’re trying to concentrate on something, or not.

If there’s one thing we know about playlists it’s that they’re all about mood or genre. So we chose the most popular genres/moods to get most popular Spotify playlists for that spans a variety of genres and moods — from pop to classical, and from party to relax mood — giving you an opportunity to enjoy the music you already knows and loves, while also discovering new tracks.

These lists are fascinating and entertaining insight into mess of music, and offer a broad and comprehensive snapshot of the culture today.

To stay in the loop on all great Spotify playlists, Fortunately, we update this lists every week, so you can keep up with the best all time.

See for yourself what are the best Spotify playlists you should be listening to, that reflects what people around the world would like to listen.

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