David Garett crazy videos

David Garett Crazy Videos

David Garrett is known as one of the most popular record-breaking crossover and pop artists, He made a new name for himself as a bestselling crossover artist.

At the age of 11, He received his first Stradivarius violin, courtesy of German president Richard von Weizsäcker, He also worked as a model while studying at the Juilliard Music school.

His repertoire includes classical sonatas, various versions of rock songs and movie themes, as well as original compositions and arrangements. . He also has played the role of Paganini in a wild movie biopic.

Garrett has also held the Guinness world record as the fastest violinist in the world when he played Rimsky-Korsavkov’s ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’ in 1 minute and 5.26 seconds, a title that he has held since 2008 and is a UNESCO world ambassador.

Violinist superstar Garrett drives the audience crazy. Both the audience and critics love whatever he has performed for them or recorded for them.

You can play David Garrett’s crazy videos playlist here:

  1. David Garrett (Niccolo Paganini) Caprice 24 [The Devil's Violinist]
  2. David Garrett - The 5th
  3. Fastest Violin Player - Schnellster Geigenspieler - Guinness World Record
  4. Live from Hannover - David Garrett plays Stop Crying your Heart out - 'Music' Deluxe Edition!
  5. Valentina Babor & David Garrett - 10.10.2015
  6. David Garrett - Viva La Vida


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