David Garrett – Chopin Nocturne on violin

David Garrett – Chopin Nocturne

The amazing violinist David Garrett is performing one of the most romantic melodies in the world “Nocturne in C Sharp Minor (No. 20)” composed by Frédéric Chopin, the great Polish composer, one of the most outstanding representatives of romantic era. With his unique talent, Garette makes This melody seems like it was made originally for violin.

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Chopin composed his solo piano piece “Nocturne in C sharp minor” in 1830 but it wasn’t published until 1870, 21 years after Chopin’s death. He dedicated this piece to his older sister Ludwika, with the statement: “To my sister Ludwika as an exercise before beginning the study of my second Concerto”.

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In fact, Chopin wrote 21 nocturnes in his lifetime, between 1827-1846. This genre of the piano nocturne (meaning: Song of the night) ) was originally created by the Irish composer and pianist John Field (1782-1837), but chopin raised it to the pinnacle of poetry, becoming its most celebrated master. To this day chopin nocturnes are considered to be some of the best piano compositions of all time and the most well known nocturne is Nocturne op.9 No.2.


Let’s find out more about David Garrett

Maybe your first impressions of David Garrett will not be so good back then. you will think that he is just another handsome young man who can’t play Classical music properly, but you will be amazed at how proficient he is at his instrument and Classical music as a whole. He makes it all look so easy.

Violinist superstar David Garrett (born in 1980) is a top-class violinist and general classical rockstar. He began learning the violin at age four and enrolled in the Lübeck Conservatoire at age 7. He was one of the first students to study with Legend itzhak Perlman. He recorded many albums of core works and rock songs.

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