When you study, you have to develop various skills, including excellent writing performance. It is not as easy as it seems to write a persuasive essay or a term paper, especially for those students who have many disciplines to study simultaneously.

If you want to practice and improve your creativity and writing ability, you will require time and patience. We have an alternative solution for those who have already tried to complete the number of written assignments alone and failed.

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For some people, the idea of having noise in the background while they are writing might seem ridiculous. However, scientists notice that the influence of the noises we hear while we write depends on the type of sound. Let us talk about the idea of ” Listening To Music Can Improve Your Writing ” .

How does music affect the human brain?

Some musical compositions can activate a particular section of the human brain that leads to a boost in productivity. How does it work exactly? Scientists believe that when you listen to musical compositions with no lyrics and no aggressive sounds, your brain enables creativity and helps you focus. Music helps in stressful situations, such as when the deadline is already knocking on your door.

When is it better to listen to music to improve your writing?

Some activities connected to writing require silence, primarily when you aim to concentrate. For example, we do not recommend listening to any kind of music when you are in the final editing stage. The final phase includes proofreading, editing, and refining your text.

Listen to music actively in the initial stage of your writing when you brainstorm. Music is an irreplaceable surrender for those who are aimed at generating some creative ideas. A working piece of advice is to listen to musical styles that are a bit unusual for your taste. This will help you to start “thinking out of the box.” By the way, such a refreshment to your usual musical preferences will work not only for writing improvement but also in other life areas.

It will help if you will also actively listen to music when you are creating the first draft of your paper, as at this stage, you do not have to focus on misspellings, and all you need is to write freely anything that comes to your mind. The technique is called “freewriting.”

Which musical styles are most helpful in improving writing?

Of course, listening to heavy metal might be challenging if you aim to reduce distractions and concentrate on working activities. However, some musical styles are perfectly fit to boosting your writing performance.

Here are some suggestions about best music for writing approved by prominent neuropsychologists:

  •  Classical music. It is a perfect match for writing, especially when you choose such composers as Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Mozart, and Schubert. However, any of your favorite classical compositions will work. They can help you to focus on your writing in a meditative way.
  •  Jazz. This is one of the best choices when aiming to motivate yourself on writing. Some of the jazz compositions are unostentatious enough to avoid distracting you and stimulate your creativity.
  • Ambient music. Sometimes you just need to listen to ambient noise to focus. It may not sound like music, but it will make you more concentrated.
  • House. A type of background music we recommend listening to when you are writing drafts and outlines. This will help you concentrate best of all.
  • Folk and indie songs. This type of music is suitable for creative and narrative writing. For example, these songs work if you need some mild tones that help you to form sentences freely. Some people find folk songs perfect for blogging.

Nevertheless, some people cannot write when listening to music or other background noises; most students prove that music makes their writing more effective. To get the most out of background music, you need to choose the musical style and the same playlist. We recommend you try various musical styles and different sounds to define which works better for you.

Since Arab instrumental music is negligible, We collected here some of the biggest, most emotional, most impressive and flabbergasting arabic instrumental music works ever written. From Munir Bashir to Omar Khairet and Marcel Khalife with some left-field stunners along the way, let the epicness commence…

1- “Samaai Nahawand” by Twais

The Twais Quartet is a Syrian group of talented musicians, founded in Damascus in 2004, whose love and dedication to Arabic music have earned them wide acclaim from audiences throughout arab world.

The musicians include: Issam Rafea (oud), Firas Shahristan (qanun), Moslem Rahal (nay), Ragheb Jbeil (Percussion).

سماعي نهاوند Samaai Nahawand - Twais - طويس ألبوم إنسان
سماعي نهاوند Samaai Nahawand - Twais - طويس ألبوم إنسان
سماعي نهاوند Samaai Nahawand - Twais - طويس ألبوم إنسان

2- “Masar” by Le Trio Joubran

The oud playing brothers: Samir, Wissam and Adnan, known as Le Trio Joubran, were Born and raised in an oud-making family in palestine.

They developed a unique style that allows the Arabic lute to be used in complex compositions ranging from atmospheric pieces to rapid-fire improvisation.

Discover more about Le Trio Joubran here.

Le Trio Joubran Masar
Le Trio Joubran Masar
Le Trio Joubran Masar

3- “Eastern Love” by Rahim AlHaj

Iraqi-American composer and oud player, Rahim AlHaj is world class musician who tells incredible stories through music,

“Eastern Love” is arabic instrumental music of deep emotion and great beauty, melding mastery of Iraqi and Western classical genres alike to form something entirely new.

'Eastern Love' by Rahim AlHaj
'Eastern Love' by Rahim AlHaj
'Eastern Love' by Rahim AlHaj

4- “Fatma” by Omar Khairet

“Fatma” or  “Leilet el-Kabd ala Fatma” (The Night Fatma was Arrested) is a great music piece composed by Egyptian musician Omar Khairat.

Khairat is influenced by different genres of music such as Arabic, European classical, Jazz, and Pop. He can blend the style of international symphonies with Egyptian music masterfully.

Discover more about Omar Khairat here.

Omar Khairet, Fatma, con. Adel Shalaby عمر خيرت - فاطمه باوركسترا المانى قيادة عادل شلبى
Omar Khairet, Fatma, con. Adel Shalaby عمر خيرت - فاطمه باوركسترا المانى قيادة عادل شلبى
Omar Khairet, Fatma, con. Adel Shalaby عمر خيرت - فاطمه باوركسترا المانى قيادة عادل شلبى

5- Inta Umri  by Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Arabic classical song “Inta Umri” is a  flawless masterpiece of singer Um Kulthum composed by M Abdel Wahab.

National Arab Orchestra - A Tribute To Asmahan and Um Kulthoum - Inta Umri / إنت عمري
National Arab Orchestra - A Tribute To Asmahan and Um Kulthoum - Inta Umri / إنت عمري
National Arab Orchestra - A Tribute To Asmahan and Um Kulthoum - Inta Umri / إنت عمري

6- “Al bint el shalabiya” by Charbel Rouhana

“Al bint el shalabiya” is a traditional arab song, best known from the version sung by the Lebanese icon Fairouz . The song is also known as a folk melody from the Greater Syrian region before the area had split into autonomous countries.

Here this song is performing on oud instrument by lebanese composer and oud player Charbel Rouhana.

Discover more about Charbel Rouhana here.

Al bint el shalabiya
Al bint el shalabiya
Al bint el shalabiya

7- “Granada” by Marcel Khalife

Arabic classical music piece by Marcel Khalife, Lebanese composer, oud master and singer.

Discover more about Marcel Khalife here.

Granada Marcel Khalife - غرناطة مارسيل خليفة
Granada Marcel Khalife - غرناطة مارسيل خليفة
Granada Marcel Khalife - غرناطة مارسيل خليفة

8- “Al Qantara ” by Wadi Al-Safi, Sabah Fakhri, Simon Shaheen

A wonderful arabic classical music piece by the oud master Simon Shaheen and his Qantara ensemble accomanying tenor vocalists Wadi Al-Safi and Sabah Fakhri .
Al Qantara
Al Qantara
Al Qantara

9- “Taqsim Rast” by Munir Bashir

In “Taqsim Rast” music piece, Iraqi Oud player, Munir Bashir, evokes a well of emotion and creates an inspired sense of melody, playing with impeccable skill and understated virtuosity.
Bashir is renowned in the Arab world for his virtuosity on Oud instrument and his improvisational music that is nonetheless tied to a strict musical system (maqam).
Munir Bashir - Taqsim Rast (The Art of Ud)
Munir Bashir - Taqsim Rast (The Art of Ud)
Munir Bashir - Taqsim Rast (The Art of Ud)

10- “Al Bedaya” by Hisham Kharma

Egyptian musician Hisham Kharma’s music is a multitude of influences and seemingly incongruous genres coming together in the most melodious and harmonious way there is.
Hisham Kharma ^ Al Bedaya | هشام خرما ^ البداية
Hisham Kharma ^ Al Bedaya | هشام خرما ^ البداية
Hisham Kharma ^ Al Bedaya | هشام خرما ^ البداية

Classical music has a special charm that can have a significant impact on your mood, productivity, and creativity. It has many mental benefits one derives from listening to from pain management to relaxing. Below are some of timeless symphony music melodies from world famous symphonies created by greatest composers.

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1- Brahms: symphony 3 – Movement 3

If I have to pick one single piece of music by Brahms to listen to before before I die, well, it will be Brahms: Symphony 3 ? we are in debt of Brams for this masterpiece.

After Beethoven amazed the world with his ninth symphony, it seemed to critics that it would not be repeated again, until Brahms came with his emotional memorable symphonies to bring glory back to the symphony world. Some considered that Brahms was influenced by Beethoven, and even his first symphony was called “The tenth of Beethoven.”. He was heavily touted in his day as the successor to Beethoven’s top-dog status in symphony land.

Beethoven Symphony No. 9 - Mvt. 2 - Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra
Beethoven Symphony No. 9 - Mvt. 2 - Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra
Beethoven Symphony No. 9 - Mvt. 2 - Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

2- Mozart: Symphony 40 – First Movement

Mozart: Symphony no.40 is unquestionably one of his most greatly admired works that he threw absolutely everything at, and it is frequently performed and recorded. Its first movement has been used hundreds of times in television and movies.

Robert Schumann regarded this symphony  as possessing “Grecian lightness and grace”. Donald Francis Tovey saw in it the character of opera buffa.

F.J. Haydn - Hob I:24 - Symphony No. 24 in D major (Hogwood)
F.J. Haydn - Hob I:24 - Symphony No. 24 in D major (Hogwood)
F.J. Haydn - Hob I:24 - Symphony No. 24 in D major (Hogwood)

3- Beethoven: Sixth Symphony (Pastoral) – the first movement

Beethoven was a nature lover and spent much of his time in strolling through the countryside in Vienna. He wrote his sixth symphony, known as Pastoral Symphony, to paints a picture of nature and describes man’s feelings towards it.

This symphony music shows us a much more muted and lackadaisical side to Beethoven’s abilities

4- Dvořák: The Ninth Symphony (New World) – the second movement

The Ninth Symphony ,which known as New World Symphony, was the one that brought Antonín Dvořák the most resounding success in 1893 when it was first performed.

He wrote it in 1893 while he was working in America as the Director of the National Conservatory of Music in New York. So it was greatly influenced by Native American melodies. It is also has some of the most glorious melodies ever penned. Here we listen to its magical second movement.

5- Rachmaninoff : Second Symphony – Third Movement

Rachmaninoff composed his hour-long second symphony after the disastrous premier of his first symphony. It could get him back on track.

Rachmaninov was late romantic genius. His music is eternal chat with angels and souls of past. The third movement is just… incredible. It restores faith in humanity. A true treasure of art, poetry and music.

6- Camille Saint-Saëns: Third Symphony (Organ) – First Movement

Saint-Saëns said “I gave everything to it I was able to give. What I have here accomplished, I will never achieve again.”

This Symphony is known as the organ symphony, due to the use of organ instrument in several parts of it.

7- Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique – the second movement

The “fictional” symphony from the French composer Hector Berlioz is an important work in the early Romantic period. Berlioz wrote -at least part of it- while taking opium.

Is it even a symphony? Isn’t it a symphonic fantasy or a tone poem? It tells the story about his love with with Harriet Smithson, a famous Shakespearean actress, But the Smithson didn’t want to hear about Berlioz. Any way, when Smithson heard it, shetold him “Eh bien, Berlioz, je vous aime” (“Well, Berlioz, I love you”) – they got married the following year.”

8- Mahler: Fifth Symphony – the Fourth movement “Adagietto”

The Fourth Movement (Adagietto) from the Fifth Symphony is perhaps the most well-known of Mahler’s writings and the most frequently performed and recorded.

It is said that Mahler wrote his symphonies for the listening pleasure of interstellar aliens.

9- Bruckner: Symphony VIII – Fourth Movement

The majesty of Bruckner is self evident in his symphony no.8.

Don’t be cheated with the calm at the beginning of the video, the fire is coming.

10- Dvorak: The Ninth Symphony (New World) – the fourth and final movement

Another movement form “New World” symphony written by Antonín Dvořák. Beloved maestro Gustavo Dudamel gives it more and more beauty here.

11- Beethoven symphony 9 – Second Movement

Perhaps It is the greatest work in the history of music. It is undoubtedly one of the most emotionally-charged works to come out of the classical music.

Beethoven was profoundly deaf when he wrote this. It is probably the most complete, unbelievably amazing piece of a combination of orchestral and choral music that has ever been completed.

12- Hayden: Symphony 24

Finally, we go back to the year 1700s to enjoy peace and quiet with this wonderful symphony from Hayden, “the father of the symphony”.

Making a new album takes a long time and you don’t want to waste time again thinking of aesthetic names for it. So if you lack any more ideas on how to name your album, then you can choose from the aesthetic album titles ideas below.

This list here is made to help you find aesthetic album names easily. We organized to groups like cool, funny, aesthetic album titles.

Most of artists prefer special, catchy and beautiful names for their albums. So we tried to make the album titles in this list unique and not copied from anywhere else.

*You can also use Playlist Names Generator to generate some creative names that can work as album titles.


Here are over 600 aesthetic album titles ideas that you can use for album titles .

Aesthetic album titles

  1. Still sounding great
  2. Back in the day
  3. Hall of fame
  4. If I look back I am lost
  5. Can’t afford to miss!
  6. I’m here whenever you need me.
  7. Good hands
  8. Decide your destiny
  9. keep moving
  10. Heaven doors
  11. Your smiling eyes
  12. Don’t wait!
  13. Dancing in the moonlight
  14. Happiness is by choice
  15. Nothing is impossible.
  16. Never bend your head.
  17. improve yourself
  18. Fight for your happiness
  19. “To sing is to pray twice.”
  20. create yourself
  21. Music is magic.
  22. Music is my refuge
  23. kindness is a religion
  24. Artist to the core
  25. All in tune
  26. Creative Anarchy
  27. Time and space
  28. Daydreams in music
  29. Live without hesitation
  30. Make a difference
  31. higher power
  32. literature of heart
  33. A daring adventure
  34. Life is a succession of lessons
  35. Life is worth living
  36. Tomorrow you will be strong
  37. What it’s like to be the universe
  38. Gods have fashioned us for love
  39. Power is not a gift,You have to take it.
  40. Make today worth remembering
  41. Be kind whenever possible
  42. Symphony of the cosmos
  43. Music will save us from extinction.
  44. “God helps those that help themselves”
  45. Laying Under The Stars
  46. Feel Free
  47. The path to success
  48. Universal language
  49. Virtual heaven
  50. Send light into my darkness
  51. Rules do not make works of art.
  52. “Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
  53. Childhood will end soon enough
  54. “We need fantasy to survive reality”
  55. The world becomes a fantasy
  56. Classical music come alive
  57. “Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion.”
  58. Spring mornings
  59. Look for the good in others
  60. “Every flight begins with a fall.”
  61. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”
  62. Inward places of my soul
  63. Space between notes
  64. Imperfection is beauty
  65. Shorthand of emotion
  66. Follow your own feelings
  67. Classical music is a Temple
  68. A transcendental exploration
  69. Each lesson makes us better
  70. Write your own destiny.
  71. I’ve still got things left to do
  72. Impossible is potential
  73. Rise every time you fall
  74. Always forgive your enemies
  75. Let us liberate ourselves from any form of control.
  76. “Be the hero of your own story”
  77. It’s hard to fool the heart
  78. Failure is inevitable, keep moving.
  79. Let us dream of tomorrow
  80. You don’t sum up a man’s life in one moment
  81. Do not pray for easy life, pray to be stronger
  82. I’m afraid of not trying to live
  83. “Do something worth remembering. “
  84. Faith is everything.
  85. Think, dream, believe, then dare.
  86. Faith and trust
  87. A few leaps of faith
  88. Your only limit is your soul
  89. When the soul cries
  90. Full of sin
  91. Art and life
  92. Different roads
  93. Private domicile
  94. My words spilled out
  95. through the woods
  96. Dreadful season
  97. Temporary bliss
  98. The journey of a thousand miles
  99. Freedom of choice
  100. Stay out of my territory
  101. You’re asleep inside
  102. Opera home
  103. Open wide
  104. Poetry of the air.
  105. Kind of pleasure
  106. Find your strength
  107. Destiny of an artist
  108. A magic key
  109. Old symphonies
  110. Love affair
  111. A man of success
  112. No pure human being exists
  113. Opera land
  114. Magic playlist
  115. Under The Pressure
  116. Years of struggle
  117. Horrible sanity
  118. Good enough memory
  119. A quick reaction
  120. Great glory
  121. Heard melodies
  122. “Our life is frittered away by detail”
  123. You can’t Ignore this
  124. Anthology of music
  125. Wind and words
  126. Running through the streets
  127. Instrumental music for change
  128. Open the door for me
  129. Serious songs
  130. Classical records
  131. Faith is everything.
  132. Pressure and challenges
  133. Musical ideas
  134. Record deal
  135. Criticism makes you strong
  136. Custom songs
  137. Music of Positivity
  138. Roars of applause
  139. Straining for expression
  140. Never doubt yourself.
  141. Great tragedy
  142. Normal notes
  143. Totally white thoughts
  144. Make your life better
  145. Never forget what you are
  146. Let it whisper in your ear
  147. My own songs
  148. What it’s like to be human
  149. Some old wounds never truly heal
  150. There is even rhythm in being empty
  151. Music During the day
  152. Roots of the suffering
  153. Steps of an exceedingly antique dance
  154. Sacred moments
  155. Open-armed sadness
  156. It is always possible
  157. Never change who you are.
  158. For poise
  159. Natural state of mind
  160. Need for evolution
  161. Musical Reminiscence
  162. Only words of kindness
  163. Moonlight in a gloomy night
  164. There is never enough singing
  165. Successful warrior
  166. Burn up lifeless habits
  167. That sounds cheerful
  168. Dance and sing to your music.
  169. Stream of life
  170. High revelation
  171. “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”
  172. Before marriage
  173. The young and fearless at heart
  174. Stumbling is not falling
  175. Spirit never dies
  176. Create your future
  177. Love what you are doing
  178. Your best time
  179. Let’s play music
  180. A clear conscience
  181. Music will still be wonderful
  182. I would rather to be a musician
  183. Think for yourself
  184. listening to music, and silence
  185. Take action towards your dreams.
  186. Floating Away with dreams
  187. Deep wounds
  188. The Lazarus missions.
  189. Where the skies are blue
  190. Space between notes
  191. Without words
  192. Wisely, and slow
  193. Music speaks in emotions
  194. Feel stable
  195. From the place I had left
  196. Unlock minds
  197. Confidence and hard work
  198. Wings of mind
  199. “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”
  200. Think, dream, believe, then dare.
  201. Have a whale of a time
  202. Surviving habits
  203. Difficult times
  204. Oldies jazz songs
  205. Look up at the sky
  206. Poetry of words
  207. One’s heart sinks
  208. The difference you made in my life
  209. Share your enthusiasm
  210. Rhythmic measures
  211. Tumultuous waves
  212. Creation of beauty
  213. To live is to be musical
  214. Everything living has a rhythm
  215. Soul of the universe
  216. I am the greatest
  217. Explosive expression
  218. Keep sadness away
  219. Our place in the stars
  220. Own Glory
  221. Make progress
  222. Paranoiac music
  223. The most important days
  224. Nobody can hurt me
  225. Preparation is the key to success.
  226. Waltz of the spring
  227. The seven days
  228. The day you are born
  229. Dance of the queens
  230. Live the life of your dreams
  231. Love march
  232. Let me go
  233. Simplicity is a keynote
  234. I am only passionately curious
  235. Your only limit is your soul
  236. Savory melodies
  237. Overcome the impossible
  238. Songs without words
  239. Little Fantasia
  240. A year of conversation
  241. It is my choices
  242. At the end of the day,
  243. Our destiny lies above us
  244. Some random melodies
  245. Divine way
  246. True elegance
  247. The big lesson in life
  248. I’m for justice
  249. Break barriers
  250. Not kindness means not faith
  251. Music brings peace to my mind.
  252. Second life
  253. Vintage jazz
  254. How you’re going to live through this
  255. Be nice.
  256. Never forget that.
  257. Be a good one
  258. Life is made of time
  259. Like a lotus flower in full bloom
  260. Organized knowledge
  261. Deep roots
  262. Tragedies in life
  263. I am hearing myself speak
  264. Discovere the value of life
  265. I created my life
  266. The first chapter in the book of my life
  267. Great uniter.
  268. Blues sounds
  269. The road to success
  270. Inspiration or desperation?
  271. Willing is not enough
  272. Original dimensions
  273. Formula of happiness
  274. Eternal patience.
  275. Fire and Ashes
  276. Wise answers
  277. Be alone
  278. Care deeply about what you believe in
  279. The truth will set you free
  280. I’m for truth
  281. Shimmering light
  282. The real me is something else
  283. Folk music world
  284. Angels of darkness
  285. Life is like riding a bicycle
  286. Be thankful for what you have
  287. Big adventure
  288. It’s all about Rock
  289. Information, education and motivation
  290. Keep your balance
  291. The price of an interesting life.
  292. Words diminish important things
  293. A long pause
  294. ow well you have lived
  295. Life is like a football match
  296. Peace begins with music
  297. Who cares about love?
  298. How I love you
  299. Music will save us from extinction.
  300. Life is a reality to be experienced.
  301. “Lies That Told A Deeper Truth.”-WEST WOLD quote
  302. Mozart, Beethoven, And Chopin Never Died.
  303. Come on, baby
  304. 50s kind of love
  305. Stand for your lover
  306. A pack of lovers
  307. Your love makes me strong
  308. Love makes anything possible
  309. Now I understand what love is
  310. Love filled with music
  311. Closed heart
  312. Ceaseless blues
  313. Express your love
  314. Enigma of love
  315. Still Life by Moonlight
  316. There is nothing I can do to make you mine
  317. Self-destruct.
  318. Test boundaries
  319. Feigned sincerity
  320. A lifetime commitment

Here is another cool list to pick ideas from ..

Cool album names

  1. “To be, or not to be”
  2. Desert Voices
  3. Upbeat Forever
  4. Fake world!
  5. Feel free
  6. Earning Happiness
  7. Collect moments not things
  8. All we have is now
  9. 365 opportunities
  10. Come home
  11. Get better
  12. Self care isn’t selfish
  13. Slow down
  14. Worry less Live more
  15. Not today!
  16. A guilty pleasure
  17. Much recommended
  18. Listening out of box!
  19. Second life
  20. What’s up!
  21. Feel lost
  22. Deep Thoughts
  23. Calm down
  24. Show your dreams
  25. Life is full of possibilities
  26. Coffee Shop
  27. Stay Positive
  28. Watching the masters at work
  29. Time is a tool, not a couch
  30. Can’t name the tune
  31. Cheer Up!
  32. Desert Voices
  33. Spices of love
  34. Symphony of success
  35. Leaves and flowers
  36. Legends of rock
  37. Some fantastic pictures
  38. Always Rap
  39. Two-faced
  40. The American dream
  41. Efforts, courage and purpose
  42. Accept your flaws
  43. Keep calm and carry on
  44. “All that is gold does not glitter”
  45. Involve me and I learn
  46. Get busy living
  47. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win”
  48. Lights and Shadows
  49. Hard work, drive and passion
  50. Newton’s third law. You gotta leave something behind.
  51. Escape with music
  52. Success is no accident
  53. “What worries you, masters you”
  54. Over and over symphonies
  55. “A lifetime is not enough for music”
  56. “Music, my rampart and my only one.”
  57. “Music — what a mighty weapon!”
  58. You like jazz, don’t you?
  59. “I think, therefore I am”
  60. That is why I succeed.
  61. Everything that Chopin had to say
  62. Into classical music
  63. Great Mozart
  64. Time to enjoy music
  65. Fire Under My Feet
  66. “Not all those who wander are lost”
  67. Don’t comfort me with a lie
  68. Sing anyway
  69. Jazz with dinner
  70. We are all of us stars
  71. “If not us, who? If not now, when?”
  72. “The only truth is music”
  73. Feel like music
  74. “No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music”
  75. In seventh heaven
  76. Gentle listener
  77. Common is overrated
  78. Starting today
  79. How music Works
  80. If I make a fool of myself, who cares?
  81. Not quite jazz
  82. Nobody wants to die
  83. “Without music, life would be a blank to me.”
  84. Hot guitar songs
  85. Signature of my life
  86. Strike a perfect cord
  87. We’ll be the two that became one.
  88. Inner drum
  89. Rock underground club
  90. Hip hop party
  91. “Well done is better than well said”
  92. Relaxing jazzy music
  93. Cold north
  94. What it’s like to be Beethoven
  95. Come close – let our hearts beat like one
  96. Blues guitar
  97. “Where words fail, music speaks”
  98. I’ve failed over and over and over again
  99. On the other side
  100. “I came, I saw, I conquered”
  101. “Without music, life would be a mistake.”
  102. music will last forever
  103. “Little by little, one travels far”
  104. Nothing stops this train
  105. Nothing burns like the cold
  106. Competitions are not for artists.
  107. become original
  108. I’m all alone
  109. Cheer up, beautiful people
  110. Welcome to my world
  111. Pawns on a chessboard
  112. God’s hands
  113. The bright side of life
  114. Beethoven effect
  115. Classics you love
  116. Stories without Words
  117. Classical Taste
  118. Winter is coming
  119. Next step
  120. In one corner
  121. Move around
  122. Queen jambit
  123. Black coffee
  124. Pens & papers
  125. Every heartbeat is a beginning of a new symphony
  126. Send me a song
  127. Ham and eggs
  128. Ins and outs
  129. Into the crowd
  130. It’s all cool
  131. Life goes on
  132. I just go where the guitar takes me.
  133. I have good music to share
  134. “Where there is love there is life”
  135. Enjoy the ride while you’re on it
  136.  No one remembers
  137. We were all babies once
  138. Elements of fun
  139. Today’s feeling
  140. Losers in life
  141. Accepting Fear
  142. You only live once
  143. Be cool to people
  144. Hope and kindness
  145. Only concentration
  146. Always aim high
  147. An opening weekend
  148. Total freedom
  149. Light Life
  150. A dealer in hope
  151. Times of rapid change
  152. Powerful weapons
  153. To love and to be loved
  154. Love is a souvenir
  155. Rhapsody in spring
  156. I dream of Hero
  157. Histoire d’ un Amour
  158. How to move him
  159. Wrong choice
  160. Talk about love
  161. Feel love
  162. Give love
  163. Don’t judge me
  164. Last Words
  165. Poor lives matter
  166. The March for Science
  167. Songs that Defined the creation
  168. Green Revolution
  169. Feeling Alive
  170. keep moving forward
  171. Endless music
  172. Be kind whenever possible
  173. Symphony of the cosmos
  174. Musical Odyssey
  175. Secret castle
  176. Shades of Night
  177. The Persistence of Music
  178. Fountain of joy
  179. Beautiful lady
  180. “There’s no place like home.” -The Wizard of Oz, 1939
  181. Cool judgment
  182. A hundred years without love
  183. Livin’ for today
  184. open new doors
  185. Emotional energy
  186. Beauty In The World
  187. Ennoble yourself
  188. Dreams are forever.
  189. A long time ago
  190. I’m not the only dreamer
  191. A pathway to heaven
  192. Welcome to dreams land
  193. Little messages
  194. A coloring book
  195. A warm handshake

Still here! try Playlist Names Generator to get unique names.


Funny album titles

  1. Losers club
  2. Herbal tea
  3. Highway to Hell
  4. Yee yee!
  5. Yippee!
  6. Hot Coffee
  7. Catch me if you can
  8. The rainbow’s end
  9. Dance like crazy
  10. So What!
  11. the WORLD
  12. Spicy but tasty
  13. Offline mode
  14. Premium vibes
  15. 1+1=11
  16. 4 U
  17. Do Be Do Be Do
  18. Disconnect to connect
  19. Not your business
  20. All you need COFFEE
  21. Same shit, different day
  22. I hate nothing about u
  23. Listen more
  24. OUF!
  25. Hurraaaaay!
  26. Say cheese
  27. Throw love around like C O N F E T T I
  28. Hello beautiful
  29. Holy shit
  30. Here There Everywhere
  31. Life hackers
  32. Master games
  33. F***ING WORLD
  34. To-listen list
  35. Hey! baby
  36. The freshest bangers
  37. Hey You!
  38. Forever in blue jeans
  39. Are you ready for love?
  40. The boiling frog
  41. Partners In Crime
  42. Free Cocktail
  43. 404 Not Found
  44. Fly with me
  45. Bouncy feelings
  46. Italian Game
  47. Chocolate Valley
  48. Hot coffee
  49. Without God
  50. Smelly cat
  51. So what!
  52. Anything you say will be misquoted
  53. ” I lead from the heart, not the head”
  54. He is a puppet, not a human
  55. Food of love
  56. Checkmate
  57. Sticky love
  58. Can’t live without you …Really!
  59. Why aren’t you dead yet?
  60. Same mistakes at the same time every day
  61. Little pebble in your shoe
  62. “Big Brother is watching you”
  63. Love delivery
  64. Prince Cheese Burger
  65. Only stupid ones need advices
  66. Comfortable in chaos
  67. “A little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”
  68. I have no special talent
  69. “I’m just a musical prostitute, my dear.”
  70. Music for ears, not eyes
  71. I love pizza
  72. Rule #1, Never be #2
  73. Below average
  74. Wait, Isn’t Espresso Coffee?
  75. A box of chocolates
  76. Coffee aficionado
  77. Music and cats
  78. Hot or not
  79. Always under construction
  80. Blank page
  81. Step . . . step . . . step . . . wait
  82. Boring production deadlines
  83. Inhale, then exhale, then another inhale
  84. Jazz Laboratory
  85. Music hits, no pain
  86. Pasta, Espresso and, of course, pizza
  87. Wine and classical music.
  88. Early to bed
  89. “All I was doing was trying to get home from work”
  90. “Hell is full of musical amateurs.”
  91. Frozen music
  92. Jazz Recipe
  93. Biological rhythms
  94. Bacterial infection.
  95. I drink classical music
  96. My inner demons
  97. A successful liar
  98. Cheesy Chicago style
  99. Electronic Sunrise
  100. plastic barby doll
  101. Espresso machine
  102. Nostalgia machine
  103. Peas and carrots
  104. Just run away
  105. Cheese . . . milk’s leap toward immortality
  106. listen music and eat pizza
  107. Music sofa
  108. They stole my idea
  109. Foolish questions
  110. Spent your money on pizza
  111. A rocking chair
  112. Truth is like the sun.
  113. Feel blue, To have the blues
  114. Temporary love
  115. We’re on the same side
  116. Smarter than you think
  117. How you doin’?
  118. Consciousness Does Not Exist!
  119. A little thought for others
  120. Do the impossible
  121. “Even miracles take a little time.” -Disney quote
  122. Quit talking, begin doing
  123. “Bond. James Bond.”
  124. Chandler’s a girl
  125. Leave your comfort zone


Cute album titles

  1. Train date
  2. Eternal Love
  3. Happy Village
  4. Teenagers in love
  5. Moment of truth
  6. Teach me to sing
  7. Give me a smile
  8. Sadness in his eyes
  9. Darling, I love you, forever
  10. Dance is love
  11.  You’re unique
  12. Cheer up
  13. The other way
  14. To the end of time
  15. After silence
  16. What time is look well at music
  17. Pulsations of the stars
  18. A hole inside my heart
  19. Music is THE BEST
  20. Do you feel music?
  21. Watching the moon
  22. Really good music
  23. Join the club
  24. Angel of the morning
  25. Hello, it’s my music
  26. Easy Love
  27. Kisses Under The Stars
  28. You are never alone
  29. What is love
  30. Cool wind
  31. My comfort zone
  32. All the music I liked
  33. Living well
  34. Western love
  35. Someday, we will meet again
  36. Girls over flowers
  37. Italian coffee
  38. When it comes to coffee
  39. My lonely days
  40. Today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut
  41. Sing with the Fairies
  42. On cloud nine
  43. Pretty cool
  44. Say goodbye to our galaxy.
  45. “The future starts today, not tomorrow”
  46. Pictures on silence
  47. Passionate highs and lows
  48. Fine pictures
  49. Music is my doctor
  50. Hold me in your arms
  51. Last train to heaven
  52. For beautiful lips
  53. Always be different
  54. “If I cannot fly, let me sing.”
  55. In terms of love
  56. My sweet summer
  57. Sing with the Nereids
  58. Once upon a september
  59. Sweet compulsion
  60. A chance to love again
  61. Unpopular in my house
  62. Live the life you love
  63. “Float like a butterfly,”
  64. Whistling a tune
  65. Love people
  66. Music is like a dream
  67. Sweet daydreams
  68. So far love
  69. My music is my portrait
  70. Under the moon
  71. Yeah Science!
  72. Yesterday, today and tomorrow
  73. When the soul listens
  74. Silent melodies
  75. Rap hits
  76. Back to love
  77. “Hope is a good breakfast”
  78. Tune Of Your Smile
  79. One soul, two bodies
  80. Love music radio
  81. Love doesn’t ask why
  82. Everybody wants to be famous
  83. Hip hop beats
  84. Alone at darkness
  85. A little prayer
  86. The songs we sang together
  87. A couple of hours after Sunset
  88. Teenagers together
  89. Simplify, simplify
  90. Teach me to fly
  91. Stars are always dancing.
  92. Love is just a word
  93. My outer me
  94. All you need is love
  95. Falling in love
  96. Out of control
  97. Cup of silence
  98. Same game
  99. I draw and paint
  100. Note by note
  101. That night I looked at you
  102. My new favorite day
  103. My precious
  104. Love, as long as you can
  105. Woman’s love
  106. Rhythm of the sea
  107. Get good
  108. stay tuned!
  109. True rhythm of my heart
  110. Deep breath
  111. A social butterfly
  112. Unusual love
  113. Life is a living flute
  114. Good films
  115. Black Moods
  116. The final music for today
  117. You’re in the light
  118. Passionate Love
  119. My True Home
  120. Just illusion
  121. Dark music
  122. Happy Fright songs!
  123. A shade of grey
  124. For beautiful eyes
  125. Pick urself up
  126. “Don’t just fly, soar.” -Disney quote
  127. No more living
  128. Never-ending circle
  129. “100 years of solitude”
  130. Unseen World
  131. Surrounded by classics
  132. My final words
  133. Everything negative
  134. Wheel of Eternity
  135. Music near me
  136. Invisible sculpture
  137. An empty street
  138. Eternal night
  139. Better, lighter, richer
  140. “I’m happy because I sing.”
  141. Warm your soul
  142. It was only an echo
  143. Folky morning
  144. Impossible silence
  145. Music maker
  146. Poetry and music
  147. Imagination flight
  148. Free my soul
  149. The right path
  150. Great Balls
  151. Well-loved book
  152. Unforgettable waltz
  153. Warm smell
  154. Warm glow
  155. Throw a party
  156. Love tonight
  157. A Night In Paris

Hope this list is helpful for you to pick the best aesthetic album names.

The nocturnes of Chopin are at the root of the romantic repertoire. This genre ‘nocturne’ (meaning: Song of the night) was fairly commonplace in early nineteenth-century piano music.

Chopin wrote 21 nocturnes in all over many years, publishing them in sets of two or three at a time. Thus, there is no overarching design or dramatic shape to the collection as a whole. Each is a fairly short episodic piece evoking the beauty of nighttime, and showcasing his gift for melody.

Chopin was directly influenced in the composition of these works by the Irish composer John Field, who had invented the nocturne as a genre of piano piece–long, lyrical lines in contrasting sections, over a strumming or harp -like accompaniment pattern- and it was Chopin who eventually elevated the genre to a new level of artistic sophistication and expressive potential.

Nocturnes chopin are characterized for the most part by placid melodies and soft, smooth and continuous accompaniment. Most of them are not technically hard, but all are musically challenging. All of which need to be navigated within the spirit of something which is quietly reflective and suggestive of evening repose.

Chopin’s Nocturne output spans virtually his entire creative career. Chopin’s nocturnes, like his scherzos, ballades and other pieces which have less restrictive forms, are such interesting lyrical pieces that all seem to tell an enthralling story and like any good story can mean something different to you on different days


Nocturnes, Op. 9 (The most famous)

The Nocturnes, Op. 9, Chopin’s earliest published entry in the genre, are a set of three nocturnes written between 1830 and 1832 when Chopin was around 20 years old. He dedicated this set to Maria Pleyel, the wife of an acquaintance of Chopin’s. Chopin was the piano teacher of Maria, and he dedicated many of his works to students.

The second nocturne of the set (nocturne Op. 9 No. 2) is regarded as Chopin’s most famous piece (especially on youtube). It was used into many movies and television shows, including Dexter, The Five Year Engagement, Mad Men and the Simpsons. The band Muse uses this nocturne in their song “United States of Eurasia”, with some strings and sound effects added.

Chopin Nocturne No.13 in C minor, op.48  no.1 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.13 in C minor, op.48 no.1 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.13 in C minor, op.48 no.1 - Maria João Pires

Chopin Nocturne No.14 in F sharp minor, op.48  no.2 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.14 in F sharp minor, op.48 no.2 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.14 in F sharp minor, op.48 no.2 - Maria João Pires

Chopin Nocturne No.15 in F minor op.55  no.1 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.15 in F minor op.55 no.1 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.15 in F minor op.55 no.1 - Maria João Pires


Nocturnes, op.15 

The Nocturnes, Op. 15 are a set of three nocturnes written between 1830 and 1833 in Paris and Leipzig (slightly later in London). The work was published in January 1834, and was dedicated to Ferdinand Hiller.

Chopin gave the Nocturne, Op. 15 No. 3 the inscription “at the cemetery”. But when it was to go to print, he expunged the inscription, declaring “let them guess”.

Chopin Nocturne No.16 in E flat major, op.55  no.2 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.16 in E flat major, op.55 no.2 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.16 in E flat major, op.55 no.2 - Maria João Pires

Chopin Nocturne No.17 in B major, op.62  no.1 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.17 in B major, op.62 no.1 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.17 in B major, op.62 no.1 - Maria João Pires

Chopin Nocturne No.18 in E major, op.62  no.2 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.18 in E major, op.62 no.2 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.18 in E major, op.62 no.2 - Maria João Pires


Nocturnes, op.27

The Nocturnes, Op. 27 are a set of two nocturnes composed in 1836 and published in 1837. Both nocturnes in this set are dedicated to the Countess Thérèse d’Appony, in whose salon Chopin often appeared. From this point onwards, Chopin published his Nocturnes in contrasted pairs rather than in groups of three.

Schumann described this set as exemplifying a ‘new wave’ of piano music.

When Felix Mendelssohn heard chopin playing 0f Nocturne, op.27 no.2, he wrote to his sister Fanny that Chopin “has also such a lovely new notturno, a considerable part of which I learnt by ear….”

Chopin Nocturne No.19 in E minor, op.post.72 no.1 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.19 in E minor, op.post.72 no.1 - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.19 in E minor, op.post.72 no.1 - Maria João Pires

Chopin Nocturne No.20 in C sharp minor, op.post. - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.20 in C sharp minor, op.post. - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.20 in C sharp minor, op.post. - Maria João Pires


Nocturnes, op.32

The Nocturnes, Op. 32 are a set of two nocturnes written and published in 1837. Both nocturnes in this set are dedicated to Madame Camile de Billing.

The pair of nocturnes, Op. 32 may not have stirred as much admiration as the two previous opuses (sets), but they still occupy a dignified place among Chopin’s genre works. The second nocturne of this set was much later incorporated in an orchestral version into Fokine’s ballet Les Sylphides.

Chopin Nocturne No.21 in C minor, op.post. - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.21 in C minor, op.post. - Maria João Pires
Chopin Nocturne No.21 in C minor, op.post. - Maria João Pires


Nocturnes, op.37

The Nocturnes, Op. 37 are a set of two nocturnes written and published in 1840. This set is something of a mix between the more dramatic Opus 27 and the far simpler textures and moods of Opus 32.

Robert Schumann commented that they were “of that nobler kind under which poetic ideality gleams more transparently.” He also said that the “two nocturnes differ from his earlier ones chiefly through greater simplicity of decoration and more quiet grace.”


Nocturnes, op.48

The Nocturnes, Op. 48 are a set of two nocturnes written in 1841 and published the following year in 1842. They are dedicated to Mlle. Laure Duperré. The 1840s were, in many significant ways, the most musically fruitful years of Chopin’s short life.

The pair of Opus 48 are so unique in tone and powerfully dramatic in scope that one almost feels them to be more aptly described as ballades in miniature.


Nocturnes, op.55

The two Nocturnes, Op. 55, the fifteenth and sixteenth of his nocturnes, were composed between 1842 and 1844, and published in August 1844.

Although most musicians of the late twentieth century considered them as two of the finest entries in the genre, during much of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the pair was ignored by the majority of concertizing pianists.


Nocturnes, op.62

The two Nocturnes Op. 62 were published in 1846 and dedicated to Mdlle. R. de Konneritz.

The Opus 62 nocturnes are so unique in every detail that it took musical Europe several decades to begin to appreciate just how important they really are.


Nocturne No.19 in E minor, op.post.72 no.1

The posthumous Nocturne in E minor, Op. 72, actually being a much earlier composition, was composed in 1827. Chopin’s first nocturne, it was the 19th to be published, in 1855 by Julian Fontana. Actually all the posthumously published nocturnes came from the composer’s younger days.


Nocturne No.20 in C sharp minor, op.post.

Chopin dedicated this Nocturne to his older sister, Ludwika Chopin, with the note: “To my sister Ludwika as an exercise before beginning the study of my second Concerto”. 

The piece was famously played by Holocaust survivor Natalia Karp for the Nazi concentration camp commandant Amon Goeth, with Goeth being so impressed with the rendition, that he spared Karp’s life

Listen to David Garrett play this nocturne on violin


Nocturne No.21 in C minor, op.post.

It was the last published Chopin’s nocturne, composed in 1837. Nocturne No.21 is famous for its striking simplicity and folk-like melody. It is the least known of Chopin’s nocturnes; nevertheless, the piece is as beautiful as the other ones.