Chosic Free Music Usage Policy | Frequently Asked Questions

This page describes usage policy for our Royalty Free Background Music.

Music is FREE to use in all projects and media
Use for commercial purpose (monetization) allowed
Only tracks with symbol require attribution


There are 2 types of music in our library :

  1. Public domain music
    You can use this music for free without attribution, even for commercial purposes.
    License example:
  2. Creative commons music (CC-BY)
    Attribution is required when you use this music, and also you can use the music for free even for commercial purposes.
    License examples:

You can click on the license link from any track page to find more about what you can and can’t do with the music.

*If you want to buy a license or have a question about a specific music track, we recommend to contact the artist.



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use this music?

You can use our free music anywhere you want!

In videos, podcasts, presentations, social media, games, websites, apps, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tiktok,..  for commercial purposes and more.

Can I use the music for commercial purposes (monetization)?
Yes, you can monetize your videos/projects, and make money using the music here. But you can’t sell the music itself because it belongs to the artists who created it.

Can I use music on Chosic in developing games/apps?

Can I modify the music?

In most of the tracks here. yes, you can modify the music.

To be more sure,  click on the license link in the track page for every track you want to use. From there you can read specific details on Creative Commons website.

How do I download your free music?
We’ve tried to keep it simple: click the download button next to the track that you want, then you will be directed to the track page where you can read track’s info and download it easily. Click again download button in the track’s page It will be downloaded automatically.

Do I have to do credit if I use the music ?
Some tracks need to credit the artist, others don’t. You should read description for each track in its page.

For tracks that don’t need attribution, we’d love it if you do attribution for!  Just put a link to this page ( in your project so that others can also find us.

How to credit the artist in my video?
For tracks that need to credit the artist (it has this icon ), you can indicate so (Copy & Paste) description in red rectangle on the track page and put it in your video description, website text…

Can I download your free music in bulk?
No – currently, you can only download our free royalty-free music on a track by track basis.

Does this music track have copyright?
Yes, most of the tracks here have copyrights. All the rights for those tracks belong to their authors. So you should credit the artist in your project description to be safe.

Do you generate or give any Certificate for me in case of royalty strikes on YouTube or other social media ?
We can’t provide such certificates but you may contact the artists directly or check their website if they have one. You can see the artist name and site on each track page.


1. “No Copyright”, “Free Copyright”  are only search terms used to find music released by their authors as “free to use”, under “creative commons” licenses or their own licenses; all the rights for those tracks belong to their authors who let its free use in exchange for crediting/attribution for the artist/author in the project where the track is used.

2. This website and its managers will be not responsible for any copyright issue that you could get, please use the music under your own discretion/responsibility.


You cannot:
X:  You cannot Claim music as your own or register it in any store/platform.
X: You can use music for Facebook videos but you cannot register them to the Facebook Rights Manager Service.
X: You may NOT use music in an audio track that you intend to put into the Content ID system.

If you have any problems or questions, you can contact us