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Indie Trujillano music is a genre that is characterized by its experimental and unconventional sound. It combines elements of rock, electronic, and pop music to create a unique and diverse sound. Fiesta Bizarra, 16 bits, and Almirante Ackbar are all examples of artists who have contributed to this genre, each with their own distinct style and approach. Their music often features intricate instrumentation, creative use of sampling and effects, and thought-provoking lyrics that explore a range of themes and emotions. Overall, indie Trujillano music is a vibrant and exciting genre that continues to evolve and push boundaries.

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1 30 10679
2 25 6930
3 24 6741
4 16 2246
5 13 3761
6 14 866
7 8 919
8 7 452
9 3 1123
10 4 1652
11 2 740
12 3 283
13 2 371
14 2 8
15 2 610
16 1 292
17 1 104
18 1 1256

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