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Musica Colimense is a traditional music genre from the Mexican state of Colima. It is characterized by the use of brass and percussion instruments, and often features lyrics that celebrate the region's culture and traditions. Banda Imperio De Colima is a popular group within this genre, known for their energetic performances and catchy melodies.

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Here you can see the popularity of Musica Colimense genre over time. This graph shows albums and singles releases count by year and decade.

1990s 8
1998 4
1999 4
2000s 16
2000 7
2001 9
2010s 51
2012 6
2014 7
2015 5
2016 2
2017 12
2018 16
2019 3
2020s 33
2020 7
2021 9
2022 7
2023 7
2024 3
108 releases

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