Beautiful greek traditional song performed by Eirini Tornesaki

greek traditional song Eirini Tornesaki

In the video blow, Eirini Tornesaki sings “Korasion Etragoudage”, which is a Greek Traditional song from Asia Minor, from the area of Propontis (Sea of Marmara).

Eirini Tornesaki is a jazz vocalist  who blurs the lines between genres and explores intercultural dialogue through music.

The cello performance by Naseem is very important here. Especially his oriental middle eastern style which work perfectly with this greek song. 

Naseem Alatrash is a very talented and creative cello player from Palestine.

Voice: Eirini Tornesaki

Cello: Naseem Alatrash

Greek traditional song Korasion Etragoudage Original Lyrics:

Κοράσιν ετραγούδαγε σ’ ένα ψηλό παλάτι
κι επήρ’ αγέρας τη φωνή στα πέλαγα την πάει.
Κι όσα καράβια τ’ άκουσαν όλα πανιά μαϊνάραν.
– Κόρη μ’ άλλαξε το σκοπό 
– Και πώς ν’ αλλάξω το σκοπό, να πω άλλο τραγούδι,
εγώ κι αν ετραγούδησα για μοιρολόι το ’πα:
έχω άντρα στην ξενιτιά…

Korasion Etragoudage English translation

A maid was singing longingly inside a high-walled palace,
her voice was caught up on the breeze and carried off to seaward,
and all the ships that heard that voice at once let go their halyards.
– O maiden, change the air you sing 
– How should I change the air I sing, and sing another song?
My song comes from a woman’s heart, it was a dirge I purposed.
My man’s abroad and far from home…



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