HANDEL: Minuet in G minor, HWV 434

George Frideric Handel: Minuet In G Minor, Hwv 434

Handel’s “MINUET” encompasses serenity. It will leave you speechless, starry-eyed in awe, and filled with goosebumps. Like Plato says: “Music must be felt, it penetrates the soul and cleans it!”

This deep piece “Minuet in G minor, HWV 434” was composed by George Frideric Handel as a part of a suite for harpsichord in Bb major HWV 434. It is harder to play than it sounds. This version is a transcription by Wilhelm Kempff. It is played by artist “Cubus” who does a fantastic recording. Tempo choice and performance style is exactly as it should be. No rush, not over-dramatized but still carries the emotions Händel planted in this masterpiece.


Suite for harpsichord in Bb major HWV 434

A lovely suite by Handel, showcasing well his ability to write music of extraordinary energy and robustness. First is a prelude, full of freedom and breath… It is a little window to heaven, then a propulsive sonata, then a set of variations on a charming aria (also the subject of Brahms’ famous Op.24 variations), and a meltingly lyrical menuetto.


Who is Handel? 

Beethoven said of Handel’s works: “Go to him to learn how to achieve great effects, by such simple means.”

George Frideric Handel (1685- 1759) is a German-born English composer of the late Baroque era, his works are full of profoundly deep music, noted particularly for his operas, oratorios, and instrumental compositions. His oratorio Messiah, with its “Hallelujah” chorus, is among the most famous  baroque music works you should listen to. 

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