Music Genres Explorer: 6000+ Music Genres & Types

Discover music genres, listen to music examples, find top artists in each genre and find similar genres. Choose a genre to see a playlist and a list of artists who belong to that subgenre sorted by popularity. Also, you will get a list of genres that are similar or somehow related to that genre.

A lot of different types of music are here (we created this list using data from Spotify). Discover what every genre of music sounds like. Just click on any genre explore artists and more details.

How many music genres are there?

We collected 6000+ genres from the Spotify API and then separated them into groups using an algorithm developed by our team. Each main genre represents a well known big music genre like Pop, Electronic, Jazz .. And you can see all the sub-genres under it, ordered by popularity. We created a Spotify playlist from the popular music tracks that belong to every genre, again by developing an algorithm for that purpose.

Music genres list