Playlist Generator by Mood

Creates Spotify playlists personalised to your taste

Playlist saved successfully to your Spotify account

To help you finding songs to get you in the mood based on what you are listening to on Spotify, here is our new tool Mood Music Playlist Maker, It is instantly creates Spotify playlists that are personalized to your mood and music taste, and the result is instantly saved right into your Spotify account.

Why Mood Music Playlist maker?

Music has a great power, it helps you effectively process emotions. Some songs can make you upbeat, others can make you feel sad. and listening to certain types of music can boost your mood significantly whatever it is.

How does Mood Music Playlist maker work?

Step 1. Login with your Spotify
Step 2. Select your mood
Step 3. Choose tracks source
Step 4. Generate custom playlist.

What is your mood?

Whatever your mood is, This playlist maker will automatically create personalized Spotify playlist for you.
Moods are included in this tool:

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Relaxed
  • Dance
  • Energetic

What is tracks source?

There are 5 types of tracks that this tool use them as seeds to create your mood playlist:

  • Top last month: Songs that are your favorites’ during last month
  • Top 6 last months: Songs that are your favorites’ during the last 6 months
  • All time: Songs that are your favorites’ since you are been using Spotify
  • Recently played: Songs you listen to lately until now
  • Liked songs: loved songs that are exist in your Spotify library.