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Beat Name Generator

You created a musical track or a beat and wondering how to name it? Beat Name Generator will give you amazing music names ideas for all kind of instrumental music and beats. Whether it’s an edm, trap, lo fi, drum, r&b, rap, hip-hop, pop, electronic or house. Our Beat Name Generator will help you get ideas fast and save time.

Music need good names to be easily remembered, but often coming up with perfect names for them is not easy,  it can be tougher than creating them, and you don’t just want basic names for your music! This beat title generator will make this process easy for you and give you creative beat names, instrumental music names instantly.

You can choose a mood, a genre or both, and we will give you a list of cool and meaningful music names ideas to choose from with a random element to help mix things up.

Beat Name Generator is a very helpful tool for musicians who make a lot of music. For example, many musicians create Royalty Free music or beats and they sell it or give for free. Also instrumental music is created more and more these days, especially for background music like music to be played for relaxation or during study, work, etc.

If you are making music then most probably you need our Music Names Generator to help you ease the task of finding names for all the songs and beats you produce.

Music Name Generator is focused on instrumental music but many of the generated titles work perfectly as song names (non-instrumental) as well. So you can consider it as music name generator, or song name generator if you like.

How to use Beat Name Generator?

Simply choose a mood or a genre you want names for from the options (drop-down list) then click on the GENERATE button to get 20 creative random names at once in seconds. The music names will appear below, you can explore them and select the best for your beat/music piece. The generator convey 7 general moods and 10+ popular genres of music, but many names could fit various genres anyway.

You can generate names again as many times as you want until you find the perfect name for your beat/music.

By default, Beat Name Generator will create names from all genres and moods, so make sure you select the ones that you need from the drop down list at the top of the page.

We also added SEARCH SPOTIFY button under every generated name that helps you to find out whether your choice is unique or not. It also show you the similar tracks to your choice from Spotify platform if they exist. There are “Star” button to save names you like and “Copy” button as well.

The moods are as follows:

  • Happy: Here the titles created by this generator will be about future, peace, adventure, having a good time, chilling and other similar themes.
  • Romance: This mood has a lot of popularity.  The titles in generator will be related to making it generally about waiting lovers, kisses, night, dreams and similar themes.
  • Sleep: The titles here will have themes such as relax moments, beautiful dreams, and other smooth vibes.
  • Party: One of the most popular moods. Most of titles will be about Celebration, having fun, party themes, energy themes and similar themes.
  • Relax:  Generated ideas for relaxing music names will be about relaxing and calming state of mind.
  • Sad: This generator will generate titles about broken dreams, pain and hurt and other darker themes of sadness.

Genres you can choose from

  • Pop: The generated names will be the most familiar since Pop is the most popular genre. Simple and cool music/song names.
  • Rock: Popular words across Rock genre. Again simple names and a bit more strong expressions.
  • Hip Hop/Rap: Music Names ideas that focus on self-expression and using street words.
  • Electronic/Dance: Popular words and sentences in the Electronic/Dance genres about that are easy to remember.
  • R&B/Soul: Smooth and simple song names from the Rock and Blues genre about love, independence, the future and similar themes.
  • Jazz: Romantic,  Love, Jazz music instruments, more focused on human feelings.
  • Blues: Generated music names with pain and sorrow feelings.
  • Country/Folk: Folk-related topics like love, family, values and life issues.
  • Classical: It is known that old classical music have no real names like other genres, but contemporary classical music composers put names for their music pieces. The names generated are  quiet and meaningful in general.
  • Latin: Music names with passion words from Latin America and Spain about Flamenco, Bossa Nova and other genres.

How does Music/Beat Name Generator work?

Beat Name Generator generates random names by mixing up hundreds of words and short sentences that were been used for beat music over the past few years, Also every genre/mood has its specific words data with some nifty tweaks to get you thousands of possible choices to pick up or inspire the ideal name for your masterpiece .

Please note that all those names are 100% random and not copied from anywhere else. A few of the generated names may not be grammatically correct, or may not make much sense due to the randomization. However, this is sometimes also the case for real music names, but you can still use them for inspiration or you can substitute one word for a more beautiful one. Anyway,  you can simply find other hundreds of good names with this beat name generator that will give you 20 random music names every single click.

Here are some creative names examples generated using this generator:

  • Solo Decisions
  • Endless Shop Loop
  • Not Enough love
  • Mozart Effect
  • Love Doesn’t Need Valentine Day
  • In Case Of hope
  • Shadows Of Beauty
  • Lost With Dreams
  • Dreamy April
  • Instrumental Taste
  • True Color Of Life
  • Missing Future
  • Extreme Beauty
  • Rhythm Of Hysteria
  • School Of Rap
  • Electro will
  • Overused Feelings
  • Cool Shuffle
  • Blue Chicago Blues
  • Classica Samba
  • White Light
  • Crazy Eyes
  • Mess Of  Soul
  • Dark Ocean