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Unknown Songs Finder: Explore Hidden Music Gems

Since Spotify has 70+ million songs in its library, there are millions of them haven’t been played too much – some not even once heard – and that list just seems to be getting bigger every day. Let’s give these neglected songs new life to reach new ears.

What is obscure music ?

Obscure music means the music that you’re not likely to hear on the radio, in movies, or on TV. It refers to music that is not mainstream and is hard to find.

How are you supposed to find all those cool songs that are buried?
If you’re a person who likes to listen to music that is not widely popular, then you’ve probably wondered how to find this obscure music, especially the type that you like.
It can be hard process and sometimes might even feel impossible, but there is always a way. So, how to find obscure music?

Which is why we’ve created Obscure Music finder. We hope to guide you towards some of the finest music that you might not even be aware of.
This tool helps unknown musicians who haven’t had the opportunity to show their talents to the masses yet.

You can find forgotten songs based on your favorite genre/artist/song.

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