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Spotify playlist generator | Similar song finder

Create awesome playlists from similar songs to your favorite one in seconds with our Spotify playlist generator. The objective of this similar song finder tool is to automatically generate a music playlist of songs like a song selected by you, making it an ideal interesting way to quickly rustle up the perfect music and discover artists you will likely love.

Many times you fall in love with a song and you really want to find other songs like it. But how to find them? there are many ways like checking other music by the same artist, or checking the album that contains that song, or another way is to check the same genre or sub-genre. But all this is limited or not so easy, so we decided to have some fun by creating this tool. The amount of similar music created here is endless and worth exploring..

How to use our Spotify playlist generator

To use this playlist maker tool, just enter your favorite song/music name and it will generate a playlist with similar songs that you’ll always enjoy.

If you are not sure about the song title, just start with an artist name and we will suggest a few songs for you to select from.

You can listen to the generated similar songs (not all has available preview audio). You can also save the generated playlist on your Spotify account.

Don’t worry, every time you use this tool with the same song, the generated playlist will be different. When you save the generated playlist, it will be saved to your Spotify account as public playlist with auto name.

Once your generated playlist’s stored on Spotify maybe you want to choose a name for it. To find a creative unique one,  you can use our PLAYLIST NAMES GENERATOR. Try now! 

How does this Similar Song Finder work?

Our playlist maker is very quick and easy to use based on an intelligent algorithm. The search box has autocomplete that offers useful query options to you as soon as you start typing in the search box. That means typing just a few characters in the search box brings up a drop-down list that provides options for different songs queries then you can pick your favorite song and it’ll run a similar music finding algorithm, after a while, you’ll get a list of the similar songs. that’s it!

The song/music in the playlist will be based on the song you entered.  You can generate as many playlists as you like.

Fun, quick and easy to use, this similar song finder is ideal for music fans of all ages and persuasions, and it is also accessible through Spotify. Have fun with it and Enjoy.

Please notice that For artists and tracks that are very new or obscure there might not be enough data to find similar songs based on.

Here are some answers to questions you might have:

  • Is this playlist maker free?
  • How many playlists can I make?
  • Can I save the generated playlist to my Spotify account?
    Yes, there is a “Save on Spotify” button on top of the playlist, I will ask you to connect your account and then we will give you the link to check the playlist.
  • Is this playlist generator safe?
    100% safe, we only ask permission to created the playlist on your account. We never collect or save any data from your account in our databases.

We are working on advanced options like danceability, tempo, and instrumentalness, which will give you a great control over the generated playlist, So you can get the playlist of your dreams. Come back soon and you will find them.

If you have ideas to make this generator better, we are more than happy to know them. Find our contact info in the site footer.