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weeping planet
🥶 cold outros
This Is rewind
Pumped hours
first time of Booster
careful Matter
Happy victory
Morning hope
made for Live
Hold smoke
In The people
still need Essentials
90s Sorrow
soul of bossa nova
Warning Luck
Old Black Night
Time For Erykah Badu vs. Jill Scott
Argentina Beats
Eclectic City Blues 🎸
Wait For Music 🎼🎧

Playlist Names Generator – Create name for your music playlists

Playlist Names Generator helps you to find creative titles for your music playlists quickly. You can use Playlist Names Generator for your Spotify playlists, Soundcloud, YouTube playlists or long videos, or any other type of playlist.

Creating music playlists has become a very enjoyable hobby and sometimes you can make money by curating playlists. Also it is a great way to promote your music if you are an artist or a music producer. Especially with the massive increasing in the popularity of Spotify playlists and YouTube long videos.

This generator is a very useful tool for playlist curators who make playlist as a hobby or as a job as well. You will find good Spotify playlist names ideas easily and quickly here.

Sometimes, it can be a little bit daunting to create a good name for Spotify playlist that captures both the music that it contains, as well as the mood you are looking for when you listen to it, maybe your head run out of names for your playlists or just don’t want repeated names for your playlists, so you need a tool to give you suggestions and some unique playlist name ideas to start with. And that’s why we decided to help you by making this creative playlist names generator right on the top of this monologue to get catchy and clever playlist names.

This nifty playlist title generator will give you (at random) 20 titles for one of moods and genres of your choice at every click on “Generate” button. Note that due to the randomness of this generator, some of the names you generate here may be a bit funny or not the best, but too many others will be cool, creative and really good playlist names for your music playlists.

We pick from the moods and genres seen below as they’re the most popular genres & moods to ease and amplify whatever it is you’re feeling. However, many titles could fit various moods anyway and will give you clever ideas about Playlist names. 

How to use Playlist Names Generator?

To start, click on Generate button to get a list of 20 random playlist names for you to use at your own disposal. You can also choose a mood and genre from the list to get names that work more with a specific needs. Don’t like the names? Simply click “Next 20 names” button to explore 20 new random names for your music. 

The moods are as follows:

  • Happy: The titles in this generator are about future, peace, adventure, having a good time, chilling and other similar themes.
  • Romance: This mood has a lot of popularity. The titles in generator will be related to making it generally about waiting lovers, kisses, night and similar themes.
  • Sleep: The titles here have themes such as relax moments, beautiful dreams, and other smooth vibes.
  • Party: One of the most popular moods.  Most of titles are about Celebration, having fun and similar themes.
  • Study: A mood with too many titles about Lessons, brain food and thoughts
  • Chill:  The titles here about chill-out and calming state of mind.
  • Sad: The titles in this generator are about broken dreams, pain and hurt and other darker themes of  sadness.
  • Positive: The titles created by this generator will be related to making it generally about energy, accepting, and other generic themes.
  • Funny
  • Workout
  • Gaming
  • Inspirational
  • Dinner
  • Travel

Genres you can choose from

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Hip Hop/Rap
  • Electronic/Dance
  • R&B
  • Jazz
  • Blues
  • Country
  • Classical
  • Latin
  • Folk/Acoustic
  • Indie
  • Soul
  • Kpop


Some playlist name ideas created with this generator:

1- Love playlist names 

  • Nothing Lasts Forever Except Your Love
  • Inside Your Eyes
  • Spicy Hot Dance
  • Crazy Moments
  • Honey, You Are My Sun
  • True Love Knows No Lies
  • Heavenly Touch
  • Mess Of Fantasy
  • Tales Of The Gray Winter

2-  Sad playlist names

  • Time For Memories
  • A Single women
  • Dark Imagination
  • Let The Music Soothe Your  Sorrow
  • Broken expectations
  • A Darker Kind Of Goodbye
  • I’m tired of Love
  • Broken Mirrors
  • Across The Space
  • Boring Talk

3- Party playlist names

  • The Time Has Come Again For Celebration
  • Enjoy Summer
  • It’s Time To Have Fun At Weekend
  • Festivity Songs
  • Your Best party
  • Entertainment Planet
  • Happy Pictures
  • Time For Fun
  • I’ll Play These For Universe
  • Endless Adventures At Club

4- Cool playlist names for Happy Songs

  • My Happy Melodies
  • Hello Summer
  • An Overture To Happiness
  • Sunny Days
  • Every One Need Adventure
  • Happy, Chill Radio
  • I Found My Way
  • Early, Early Morning
  • Bonjour, Future
  • A Time Of Victory

5- Study playlist names

  • Serious Mind
  • brain food
  • Learning Machine
  • Just Study
  • Deep Mind
  • Studying System
  • Study With evening Mix
  • Planned System
  • Serious leader
  • Quite Study

6- Rap playlist names / Hip Hop playlist names

  • Global Rap Jams
  • Time For Nightmare
  • Words Of Pain
  • Castle Of Power
  • Without Loose
  • Sexy Tomorrow
  • Unexpected Fantasy

7- Chill playlist names

  • Cool Off Time
  • Chilled Soul
  • The Light Hits
  • De-Stress Chill
  • Stop Work, Time For Coffee
  • Ease Up Thoughts

8- Funny playlist names

  • Feelings Cocktail
  • My Shitlist
  • Cash Madness
  • Sssssh .. Talk
  • Bad guy
  • Blackhole

How does it work?

It generates a random name by mixing up hundreds of words and short sentences that can be used with different music moods and genres, and do some nifty tweaks to get you thousands of possible choices to pick up the best for your playlist.

Please note that all those names are 100% random and not copied from anywhere else. Some of the generated names may not be grammatically correct, or may not make much sense due to the randomization. But still you will find hundreds of good names with this playlist titles maker.

We also added “Check If Unique” button under every generated name that helps you to find out whether your choice is unique or not. It will search Spotify playlist names and show you the similar playlists names to your choice from Spotify platform if they exist, otherwise it will tell you if this can be a unique Spotify playlist name.

Feel free to submit suggestions to improve this playlist names maker, contact us: [email protected] 

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