English Folk

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Jim Jones in Botany Bay
Eliza Carthy and The Wayward Band - Cobblers Hornpipe
Martin Carthy - And A Begging I Will Go
Light Dragoon
Martin Carthy - The Cottage In The Wood
Martin Carthy ~ The Trees They Do Grow High
Bottom of the Puch Bowl / The Swallow Tail / Marquis of Tullybardine (feat. Diz Disley & Martin...
The Old Lancashire Hornpipe / the 3rd Beekeeper
The Tune Wot / Intermission
Rambling Sailor
The Husband With No Courage
The Two Magicians by Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick
Staines Morris
Jenny Lind Polka
The Friar in the Well
Eliza Carthy - No Man's Jig / Hanoverian Dance / Three Jolly Sheepskins
Old Horse
Spiers & Boden - Prickle Eye Bush (Live)
Spiers & Boden - Jiggery Pokerwork/Haul away/Seven Stars
Lovely Joan (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
May Song
Cuckoo's Nest
Speed the Plough / The Princess Royal
Carthy's March / The Lemon Tree
The Fowler
Eliza Carthy - Gallant Hussar
Martin Carthy - High Germany
Three Around Three
INFUSE INSESSION - James Delarre & Saul Rose: Bell Towers / The Orange in Bloom
Jacky Tar (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
The Grey Cock
Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
Morris Call (Signposts)
Wife of the Soldier
Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
Bruton Town
Martin & Eliza Carthy - The Wife of Usher's Well 2001
The Bold Poachers
Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick-The Bloody Gardener (1967) HD
English folk music - Martin Carthy - Sovay
The Gallant Poacher (Live)
The Outlandish Knight
Old Molly Oxford / The Princess Royal
Arthur Mcbride and the Sergeant (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
Martin Carthy & Eliza Carthy - Bows of London
Gentleman Soldier
Martin Carthy Dominion Of The Sword
A Begging I Will Go
Martin Carthy - Lowlands of Holland
Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick - When I Was A Little Boy
Golden Glove
Old Tom of Oxford (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
The April March / Ellen and Andy's Celebration
Eliza Carthy & Saul Rose: The Americans Have Stolen My True Love Away
Rufford Park Poachers
Martin Carthy - Famous Flower Of Serving Men
Martin Carthy - John Barleycorn
London Town
Ginger up Lustily / Old Woman Tossed up in a Blanket
The Worcestershire Wedding (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
Bonny Light Horseman / Michael Turner's Waltz (SS Mix)
Martin Carthy-The Bedmaking
Eliza Carthy - Worcester city
Shanty of the Whale - Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy with the Gift Band
Down Among the Deadmen
The Saucy Bold Robber
Tell Tale Tusk - Cuckoo's Nest
Eliza Carthy - Turpin Hero
Martin Carthy - The Queen Of Hearts
The Sportsman's Hornpipe
The Sheepstealer (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
Nottingham Ale
The Quaker / Brighton Camp
Martin Carthy - Cold Haily Windy Night
Royal Oak (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
Her Servant Man
Lord Marlborough
A.L. Lloyd - Three Drunken Huntsmen
Staines Morris (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
Month of May and Dribbles of Brandy - English Traditional
William Taylor the Poacher (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
The Rochdale Coconut Dance
Ian Giles & John Spiers - Drink Old England Dry
A.L. Lloyd - The Butcher And The Chamber Maid
Spanish Ladies Medley (feat. Diz Disley & Martin Carthy)
Dawn Chorus
Poor Murdered Woman (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
Reynard the Fox
Bushes & Briars
Waterloo Fair (The Henryco) / Speed the Plow
Jack Robinson / Argiers / Old Tom of Oxford
The Gentleman Soldier
Rigs of the Time
Oh Dear Oh (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
Eliza Carthy: Rolling Sea
The Holly & the Ivy
The Jolly Miller
Spiers and Boden, Sloe Gin Set
Bobby & Barbra - 'The Swiss Boy Shoe Dance' - with Myron Floren on concertina
Captain Ward
Death and the Lady
Jacky Tar
I Sowed Some Seeds
The False Bride
The Devil and the Ploughman
Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick - Reynardine (montage)
Broomfield Hill (feat. Dave Swarbrick)
Jez Lowe - The streams of lovely Nancy

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