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Italian Opera Songs Italian Opera Songs A playlist of the greatest and most beautiful Italian Opera… .
Great Italian Classical Music The great music of Italy from renaissance to 21st century.… .
Calm Opera Calm, peaceful and relaxing opera arias. Slow opera songs playlist. .
Opera Overtures and Preludes Opera Overtures, Preludes and Intermezzos. Beautiful, unforgettable melodies from operas. .
jazz This is Jazz A good start to explore the Jazz music world and… .
Mozart Relax Relaxing music from the classical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. A… .
Relaxing Dreamy Piano Relaxing Dreamy Piano Beautiful relaxing modern piano pieces. .
Luciano Pavarotti Duets The great opera singer Luciano Pavarotti joining famous pop and… .
Modern Classical (Contemporary) Contemporary Classical music works, most of these pieces are written… .
Moments of Peace Relaxing music, Piano, soundtracks from movies and TV shows, classical… .
Pop Opera Crossovers When opera singers perform popular songs, listen to the result… .
Fast Classical Fast Classical Fastest classical music pieces. Vivace, Presto, Allegro ... This is… .
Best Opera Arias Explore the wonders of opera with this selection of the… .