Evelyn Stein – Quiet Resource | who is Evelyn Stein?

Evelyn Stein

Pianist Evelyn Stein plays Quiet Resource (Relaxing piano music) written by Fredrik Boström.

Quiet Resource piano sheet music download.

Quiet Resource is a super catchy and lovely melody that will most probably stuck in your head. I found it on youtube as a recommended video, and after listening to it many many times, I started to search for this artist who plays it as the name on the video title “Evelyn Stein”.

I found Evelyn Stein’s page on spotify. He has four tracks only at the time of writing this post. After googling his name, I was a bit surprised that he is maybe not real artist. I found a post saying that there are many fake artists on Spotify, including Evelyn Stein and many others. They don’t have any facebook account, no photos. But why?

Why there are FAKE artists on spotify or the internet in general?

The answer is related to a fact that is not known to everyone. There is a lot of computer generated music online, so many youtube channels upload music all the time from the type of relaxing, study, meditation .. and so on. You may wonder who plays all this music? why those channels never mention the artists?

Yes, it is because they generate music by computer with the aid of human, most of them are piano music. Sometimes with nature sounds like rain or water. But there is no artist needed to perform these music, computer can play it. So, yes there is a composer, but there is no piano player there.

People love to hear some soft music in the background, that’s why this type of music is highly consumed on the web. There is nothing wrong with that actually, but here on chosic.com we believe in music as an art, not just a background or entertainment.

Quiet Resource is really beautiful, and I still like it. But I prefer real music from real humans who express their pain or whatever through music. I still prefer Chopin, I believe that the real instrument is much better than a computer is expressing music, because music after all is a way of communication between humans.

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