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Random Song Generator | Connected to Spotify and YouTube

The random stuff found on the internet is amazing and random song Generator is a cool one. We often are tired of our favorites and do not know what to listen although there are so many good songs to hear, but who has time to search through sites and read posts to find them.

No method of selection is less bias than random selection to discover new music. Fairly pick songs without bias: Here you can get awesome random music suggestions with this simple free online tool “random song Generator”.

It is designed to be cool and entertain, but also help music lovers discover different kinds of music including Pop, Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin and more. Random song picker will give you random song list of every genre available on Spotify randomly.

If you’re in the mood to rock out, Have fun discovering songs and experimenting with different musical styles with our random song generator tool that is designed to help you find awesome songs. It is a good place to discover tons of random stuff.

How to use Random song generator tool:

By default, The generator comes with a random songs list from random genres. You can get random songs from specific genre when you hit the genre button. If you don’t like shown genres click “more genres” button to change them.

“All genres” button will generate a list of random songs from random genres.

If you want your generated list to include only random popular songs,  hit “popular” choice and the tool will act like “random popular song generator” else hit  “all” choice to get random popular and non-popular songs.

Don’t like the generated songs? Just click again on Genre buttons until you do.

Generated songs have three available ways to listen to. With YouTube icon button you can watch the music video from YouTube right-away (if the publisher has allowed it). Spotify icon button to listen the music from Spotify. Amazon icon button drives you to amazon site where you can preview or buy the album.

Not all generated songs here are in English language or new, Some are old songs Such as, 70s 80s, 90s and 2000s Songs, and to Now. We know some songs went out of Fashion, but at least they were Good before. You also can find new good songs that will amaze you. You certainly will discover something entirely new to you here.

Random Spotify playlist generator

please notice you can use this tool as random playlist generator where you can save your random generated songs list to your account on Spotify as a playlist.

You can also use it as random pop song generator or any genre you want, all you should do, click “more genres” until you get your favorite genre, then hit this favorite genre button to get a list of random songs from this specific genre.. Don’t like the suggestions hit the genre button again until you do.

After Our first tool, playlist names Generator proved popular, we expanded to include many other tools:

We’re proud to see our tools helps many of music lovers around the world.