Report a problem with Royalty Free Music

Received copyright claim on YouTube? here is what you can do:

  1. Make sure you have included the required credits in video description.
  2. If credits are provided, then you can dispute the claim on YouTube. In the claim description, mention that the music is under creative commons license and put a link to the music source. The claim should be removed in a few days in most cases.
  3. If the claim remains, please report the track below or contact the artist directly to solve the problem.

NOTE: If you added the credits AFTER publishing the video, you should wait a few days.

UPDATE: If you received a copyright claim when using music by Scott Buckley, please watch this video. The artist (Scott Buckley) has released an important update to help you remove the claim quickly.

UPDATE 2: Recently, music by Damiano Baldoni received claims on YouTube, but the claims were removed after disputing them on YouTube.