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Similar artists and bands tool – Discover new music you’ll love

Love a specific artist/band and want to find similar artists? Here’s bands like tool !

Discover new music, find similar artists/bands, get recommendations on artists you’ll love. and listen to your favourite artist top tracks.

Looking for more good bands like Coldplay, led zeppelin or Maneskin? Do you want to discover artists like john Mayer or Frank Sinatra? Start discovering! Give us an artist and we’ll generate a sweet list with similar artists that sounds like and you’ll love! 

The list is ordered. The closer is, the greater the probability you will like him. Click on any name to travel along.

Artists/bands like tool is a cool way to find new music that you might like, it is the best tool for finding artists similar to another artist. It looks like a similar artists search engine, it uses a much better similarity algorithm based on Spotify api & api.

This recommender tool allows music lovers to discover new bands and artists that are closely related to their favorites. It can actually tell you what artists is missing from your list, give you top tracks by the artist you have specified, and can give you recommendation songs based on your favourite artist which you can save them as playlist on your spotify account so you can listen to them later. You can listen to previews of songs or purchase from Amazon as well.

The recommendation songs are generated by an algorithm that selects songs from similar artists/genres that have a similar flavour to the artist you love.

Simply type your favorite musical artist in the search box, A drop-down list of matching names will appear (sometimes there can be several artists with the same name or a similar one), click on the relevant one to continue to the main results screen:

A list of similar artists will appear within seconds in a beautiful visual way that will suit your ears. Click on any artist to continue discover artists like based on and so on. This can open up a whole new musical world and help you discover great music that you were not familiar with before!

When you are browsing the similar singers and you find artist that you interest in, check it on to find similar bands/artists based on him that you may like.