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Song BPM and Key finder

Find the perfect tempo and key for your music with our song BPM and key finder. Save time and avoid mismatched songs in your playlists!

When it comes to music production and DJing, finding the right song BPM and key can make all the difference in creating a cohesive and engaging playlist. However, manually searching for this information can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. That’s where a song BPM and key finder tool comes in handy.

How do I find the BPM of a song?

Find the BPM (tempo) of every track in your library in an easy way. Type a song, then choose one of the suggestions and the BPM details will be viewed below.

This app analyzes music and display information like the tempo (beats per minute), the track’s title, artist and album information, as well as popularity, song key and other music attributions.

What is music BPM?

It means the beats per minute, it runs from 0–250 BPM, the tempo determines the performance speed of the music.
High BPM is great for fast songs that are joyful, exciting, meanwhile a lower BPM is good for sad or dramatic songs.

Tempos categories:

  • Very slow is 40–60 BPM.
  • Less slow is 60–66 BPM.
  • Moderately slow is 66–76 BPM.
  • Low speed is 76–108 BPM.
  • moderate speed is 108–120 BPM.
  • Fast is 120–168 BPM.
  • Faster is 168–200 BPM.
  • More faster is 200+ BPM.

Popular music BPMs
120 beats per minute the most common tempo for dance music
128 Most starting DJs and producers
Most of today’s popular songs are written in a tempo range of 100 to 140 BPM.

Songs with the same bpm

Spotify BPM finder gives you recommendation songs with Similar BPM to you favorite song.