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Are you creating a title for your new song, and now you are wondering how unique it is ? Song Titles Search tool searches for your song title on three major music sites (Spotify, Deezer, Last Fm) and get you results with similar titles on these sites.

Starting a song with a title is an easy way that many pro songwriters use to get their songs going. It can keep your song focused,  and define the overall emotional feel, but the first challenge you will face it is to come up with something original to say about the title. (You can use our Song Name Generator by mood and genre)

After choosing the title for your song, you would like to identify if your chosen title is unique or has already been used many times in songs. So you usually search about it on popular music sites like spotify,itunes…  There are plenty of music sites where you can search on, but search for them one by one and then search for your title on them will be a long time process.

The results are divided in three section, first one with green color refers to spotify results, next one with red color refers to Last Fm and the pink section refers to Deezer site.

Spotify: Library size: 50 million+

Deezer: Library size: 56 million

Last Fm: Library size: millions of songs

With Song title search tool, search for your song title is a simple process, just type your song’s title in the search box then check the sites you want to search on about similar titles then click search button. If you don’t choose sites to search, the tool basically will search for similar titles on spotify.

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