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Song Finder By Theme Or Topic

There are numerous ways to discover new songs and categorize them, one interesting method is to group songs by theme or topic, for example, you can search for songs about friendship or rain or songs featuring a specific musical instrument … And here, we decided to make this searching process very simple and easy. You enter any word/theme and we give you a songs playlist related to it. You can also save it on your Spotify account.

Here is a new music tool on Chosic, this tool helps you find songs that have a common mood or topic. Just enter a word or more and it will give you a list of themes matching your search. Then choose one of the results and you will see the songs list below, sorted by popularity. You can also order the songs by title or popularity.

You can listen to the songs on Spotify or YouTube, and most important, you can save the playlist on your Spotify account!

This tool works by searching for Spotify playlists about the topic you want and combining the songs from those playlists according to a specific algorithm to give the result songs list.

You can create infinite song lists with this free tool, and here are a few song lists examples that we have created: