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Songs with animals in the title

From Designer’s ‘Panda‘ to Prince’s ‘When Doves Cry’,  songs with animals in the title have drawn audiences and taken center stage, thanks to animals’ magnetism, sharing the No. 1 spot with human artists.

Musicians love animals just as much as music, So several animals and mythical creatures have been mentioned in their songs’ titles. Some songs are hardly ever about the animal, but Still, you can find songs that really mention animals and things about them.

Songs with animals in title

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After clicking the “songs with animals” button,  You’ll find some examples of songs with animals in the title on automatically generated list, worthy of your attention along, with plenty of other creative references to animals.

Some available animals with Drop-down list to search for:

  • Chipmunk
  • Bear
  • Lion
  • Horse
  • Crocodile
  • Cat
  • Cow
  • Duck
  • Tiger
  • Monkey
  • Butterfly
  • Panda
  • Wolf
  • dog
  • Swine
  • Pig
  • Rabbit
  • Swan
  • Sheep
  • frog
  • Fish
  • snake


So here’s a list worthy of your attention of songs with animals in the title.

Songs with CAT in the title

  1. Cat & Dog by: TOMORROW X TOGETHER
  2. Cat And Mouse by: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  3. Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life! by: Corpse
  4. Cat Scratch Fever by: Ted Nugent
  5. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) by: David Bowie
  6. Cat Like Thief by: Box Car Racer
  7. Stray Cat Strut by: Stray Cats
  8. Cat Claw by: The Kills
  9. Copy Cat (feat. Tierra Whack) by: Melanie Martinez
  10. Cat Piano by: Seabear
  11. Cat Food by: King Crimson
  12. This Cat Is a Landmine by: 65daysofstatic
  13. Stray Cat Blues by: The Rolling Stones
  14. Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat by: Say Anything
  15. Cat Piss (feat. Lil Yachty) by: SKI MASK THE SLUMP GOD
  16. Cool Cat – Remastered 2011 by: Queen

Songs with Dog in the title

  1. Dog Days Are Over by: Florence + the Machine
  2. Black Dog by: Led Zeppelin
  3. Dogs by: Pink Floyd
  4. Hound Dog by: Elvis Presley
  5. Hot Dog by: Limp Bizkit
  6. Dog Shelter by: Burial
  7. Your Dog by: Soccer Mommy
  8. This Old Dog by: Mac DeMarco
  9. Rain Dogs by: Tom Waits
  10. Diamond Dogs by: David Bowie
  11. I Wanna Be Your Dog by: The Stooges
  12. The Dogs of War by: Pink Floyd
  13. Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over by: The Devil Wears Prada
  14. Love Dog by: TV on the Radio
  15. Black Dog – Remaster by: Led Zeppelin
  16. Salty Dog by: Flogging Molly
  17. Dog Days Are Over (demo) by: Florence + the Machine
  18. Prehistoric Dog by: Red Fang
  19. Dog Years by: Maggie Rogers
  20. Dog Problems by: The Format
  21. Dog Eat Dog by: AC/DC

Songs with Cow in the title

  1. Black Cow by: Steely Dan
  2. Cash Cow by: We Are Scientists
  3. Poor Cow by: Peter Bjorn and John
  4. Cow Cud is a Twin by: Aphex Twin
  5. Brown Cow Stunning by: Monique Heart
  6. Milk Cow Blues by: The Kinks
  7. Cow Palace by: Session Victim
  8. Cow Song by: Meredith Monk
  9. MILK COW BLUES by: Tyler Hilton
  10. First Cow in the Territory by: William Tyler
  11. Cow Cow Boogie by: Ella Fitzgerald
  12. Every Cow Has A Bird – Original Mix by: Guti & Dubshape

Songs with Lion in the title

  1. Little Lion Man by: Mumford & Sons
  2. Gold Lion by: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  3. King and Lionheart by: Of Monsters and Men
  4. LION by: (G)I-DLE
  5. Lion in a Coma by: Animal Collective
  6. The Lion‘s Roar by: First Aid Kit
  7. Lion Heart by: 소녀시대
  8. Young Lion by: Vampire Weekend
  9. Lion‘s Mane by: Iron & Wine
  10. Lion by: Hollywood Undead
  11. Digital Lion by: James Blake
  12. Lionsong by: Björk
  13. Lion King On Ice by: J. Cole
  14. Heart of a Lion (KiD CuDi Theme Music) by: Kid Cudi
  15. Lions In Cages by: Wolf Gang
  16. A Lion’s Heart by: The Tallest Man on Earth
  17. Sea Lion Woman by: Feist
  18. Iron Lion Zion by: Bob Marley
  19. Lions by: Dire Straits


  1. Wolf Like Me by: TV on the Radio
  2. She Wolf by: Shakira
  3. Of Wolf and Man by: Metallica
  4. She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) [feat. Sia] by: David Guetta
  5. A Wolf at the Door by: Radiohead
  6. The Wolf by: Eddie Vedder
  7. Wolf by: First Aid Kit
  8. Wolf Pack by: The Vaccines
  9. Wolf in the Breast by: Cocteau Twins
  10. The Wolf Is Loose by: Mastodon
  11. Hungry Like the Wolf by: Duran Duran
  12. Wolf & I by: Oh Land
  13. Wolf & Raven by: Sonata Arctica
  14. Wolfcat by: Still Woozy