• Save your liked songs to a new playlist
  • Analyze/Sort your liked music the way you want
  • Create filtered playlists based on genre, mood or any musical attributes
  • Export your data to a CSV file

Main Genres

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Artists / Subgenres

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Decades / keys

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For those listeners with “too much music”, there are many struggles of having to sort through the long list of songs. This free tool gives you control on your liked songs on Spotify. It is a good way to help you clean your library up, to get your favorite music in the order you want.

Filter your liked tracks on Spotify by genres, decades, artists, moods. Or just add all of them to a playlist and share it easily!

Here you can filter your music by:

  • Genres (main genres or sub-genres)
  • Moods (ex: happy, relaxing, dance…)
  • Artists
  • Decades

Add your Spotify liked songs to a playlist or split them to multiple playlists

This tool makes it easy! After you login with your Spotify account, you can create a playlist from your liked songs and save it on Spotify. Just click the save button above the tracks table.

You can set a custom order for songs, simply click the headers in tracks table to order them the way you want. This table sorts all of your saved songs by many parameters, including genres, moods, decades, styles, and popularity.

Scroll down the result table to see options to group tracks by genre, mood, artist or decade.

Organize your Spotify liked songs

This tool will analyze your saved tracks and give you:

  1. Summary: Songs count, your top genre and sub-genre, top artist, decade, key, average bpm and length.
  2. Table of all your liked songs with sorting headers.
  3. Mood analysis.
  4. Genres, artists and decades tables.
  5. Songs detailed list.
  6. You can select a specific group and then click create to save them in a new playlist to your Spotify profile.
  7. You can also export the songs data to a CSV file.

With this tool you can also export your liked songs to a CSV file.

How to make liked songs on Spotify public?

There is no option on Spotify app for that, but if you save them to a playlist – like mentioned above – then your friends on Spotify can see your liked songs playlist when they show your account, you also can share the playlist link on your social media accounts or any where you want.

Can I see someone’s liked songs on Spotify?

Currently, there is no option to see someone’s liked songs on Spotify. Unless they make a public playlist of their liked songs as mention before.


  • This tool is safe, your Spotify data is not stored in anyway.
  • Don’t worry, this tool will never modify your music library. It will only save new playlists for you when you explicitly click on the save button.
  • If you logged in with wrong Spotify account, you can go to accounts.spotify.com and click Log-0ut button. Then open this tool again and sign in with different account.

*If you want to organize a specific playlist try our Spotify playlist analyzer tool.