Spotify Playlist Sorter | And duplicates remover

Sort your playlist on Spotify however you like! The idea of this tool is to give you more options to reorder your playlist than the options available on Spotify. You can also remove duplicates from your playlists, or like all tracks in any of your playlists with just one click. With Spotify Playlist Sorter tool, you can do all these and more. 

If you want to analyze the playlist and organize it by genres, moods, decades .. use our Spotify Playlist Analyzer

How to sort my playlist order using Spotify app?

In Spotify app, after selecting a playlist. In the right corner, there is a dropdown list with a limited number of options (Title, Artist, Album, Date added, Duration) to sort your playlist. you can also drag and drop the songs to get the order order you want.
These options are limited and “drag and drop” feature is not a practical way for who have hundreds of songs in their playlists.
Here you are, This tool is here to help you. It provides you a lot of options to sort your music by any of a wide range of musical attributes.

How to use Spotify Playlist Sorter tool?

You can easily reorder the songs in any of your playlists by a wide range of parameters. Just follow these steps:

  1. Login with your Spotify account. Once you’re logged in, your music library will be synced.
  2. Choose one of your playlist (to help you easily find the playlist you want,  you can Sort your Spotify playlists by clicking on headers. Any way this sort will not change on your playlists on Spotify)
  3. Click on the column headings in the playlist table to sort the playlist the way you want
  4. Save the new sorted playlist to Spotify. You also can pick specific songs to make a new playlist.

Sort your playlists

This music sorter was built using the Spotify API. It lets you get your playlists in order based on Genres, moods with a number of  music attributes that are included with this app:

  1. Popularity 
  2. Length 
  3. Danceability
  4. Energy
  5. Acoustic 
  6. Instrumentalness
  7. Valence
  8. Speechiness 
  9. Liveness
  10. Loudness
  11.  Tempo (BPM)
  12. Key – Music Key for this song
  13. Time Signature

In addition, you can sort your playlist by

  1. Tracks (alphabetical)
  2. Artists (alphabetical)
  3. Main genres
  4. Sub genres
  5. Albums (alphabetical)
  6. release date

This tool gives you more control on your playlists with three additional options:

1- Like all songs in Spotify playlist

You can add all playlist songs to your library (liked songs) by just one time click .

2- Remove duplicates from Spotify playlist

This tool checks any playlists in your Spotify library to finds duplicates, once it finds them, you can show them and remove them.

3- Clean your Spotify playlists

Make your playlist clean! bulk delete unwanted songs from your playlist, just select them then click “delete selected songs” option in the dropdown button to remove these multiple tracks at one time, while keeping the order that you have chosen before.


  • No changes happens to your playlists until you explicitly click on “Like all songs”  or “Save as new playlists” button. Any way “Save as new playlists” button create new playlist which called (Old playlist name sorted by “music attribute”) in your library. It will not affect your pre-existing playlists.
  • Your Spotify data is private and safe, it will not be stored.

We hope you like this tool, feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions to improve it!