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Chosic has been really helpful finding new music based on artists/songs I already like, it’s literally the best website I’ve used for discovering music. ...2022-08-09
This site rocks! Really enhances my music experience! Keep it up! ...2022-08-09
Hi Chosic-Team, Thank you for this ingenious webtool. Do you have an API in sight at some point (if not already available)? I have an interesting idea to develop a new kind of app using your technology 🙂 Gladly more in personal exchange via Meets, Zoom or so. Greetings from Lake Constance in Germany, Christopher ...2022-08-09
Thank you! ...2022-08-08
I am new here, liked the site from first view 😉 ...2022-08-08
Astounding. Love these tools... was trying to build my own. Especially slicing by genre, mood, etc. Well done. ...2022-08-06
Such a rad set of tools!!! ...2022-08-04
Thank you for keeping this service free and accessible! ...2022-08-04
I love that there is actually free music available that is better and more diverse than the limited YouTube audio library, for me to use in my YouTube cycling movies. Thank you. ...2022-08-04
xoxoxox ...2022-08-03
xoxoxo ...2022-08-03
I'm new to your site but I support businesses anyway I can! ...2022-08-01
we want some music for business using. and want hear the suggestions from you. ...2022-08-01
Thank you Chosic, I would like you know how I can get your API so people can pay you for access to your beautiful work ...2022-07-30
I have been looking for a site like this for a long time and didn't even expect it to have this many features. Great work Chosic team! ...2022-07-27
Excellent work. ...2022-07-21
David Crawford
Glad I found you! Great selection! ...2022-07-18
Thanks for the app and for making the music free! ...2022-07-10
John Fowler
Similar songs ...2022-07-05
Tnx for your contribute artistic. ...2022-07-05
I enjoyed your music please continue to make more beautiful music. ...2022-07-01
Great site, especially for starting videographers. ...2022-06-30
Tami Schuster
Awesome compilations! Motivational was my choice. Thanks!! ...2022-06-29
Victor Medina
thank you for the music ...2022-06-25
Robert Finnegan
None ...2022-06-19
Nice work on the playlist generator, good stuff ...2022-06-17
John Holton
This seems to be a great tool for generating Spotify playlists. I'm really looking forward to exploring it further! ...2022-06-15
I just sent you an email a few minutes ago. This web site is amazing and a must-know tool for every true music lover. Gonna share it with lots of my music lover friends! By the way, creating a playlist by genre - great Creating a playlist by genre by year - even better - I could use that especially now before Tomorrowland since I want to create a 'homework' playlist for my friends and when creating a playlist by genre without taking the year into consideration, you end up with a playlist which some of it is irrelevant if you're only interested in new music. ...2022-06-13
Alu Young
May I suggest that you also maintain a site where those who may want to get a copyright for their preferred song/music can get an exclusive access / download for that song? Thank you. ...2022-06-13
Hi, thanks for the awesome tools! ...2022-06-11