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Andrew Hastie
Great site and great music.
Looking forward to adding some ambience to my group's DND nights!
Thank you very much! I'll use music for our team's year in review.
Graham Churchett
Love the music
Luca Cirillo
Can I use the tracks for a LoFi YouTube channel?
I haven’t used it yet, but I like that it gives music I like in extremely niche genres. Thanks!
im new to it
Sounds lovely
JoseL Armendariz
thank you for help people
Thank you for all the excellent tracks, check out The Dark Ages Podcast to see how I've used them
A volume button for the audio clip would be nice. Really appreciate the site and free music I do however think there should be some sort of license information or an easy way to connect with creators.
Sunniva Abrahamsen
i love this website, thanks for making it and continuing to add cool features 🙂
Michelle OMalley
Awesome site!!
Veronica Gillmer
Thanks for your great work - supporting artists and musicians and helping graphic designers too. Great concept!
happy to be here, thanks so much
would to work with you guys on development
thank you
I like various audio files I would like to use on my PowerPoint presentations.
Thank you for providing free music!
Gwen Dalle Ore
Thank you
Thank you
Doug Marshall
Great tool.
Thank you for this resource! I'll be doing a YouTube review on my channel soon!
Thank you very much for the chance to use music from your platform for my little video project on youtube. Very much appreciated.
David Edwards
Thanks for the site. Enjoying the few downloads so far.
Keep up
Nice site, most like the playlist generator