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You are great for making this amazing site. The genres on Spotify are completely bonkers and I love looking them up. ...2022-10-01
Thanks so much for making the idea I use to think of back in the day, i googled "similar song finder"and you came up. Well done, you've done a great job. Sometimes its really hard find to the music you want, so thanks for doing a great job. ...2022-10-01
Thanks ...2022-09-27
Blown away by the quality of the tool. Congrats! ...2022-09-21
Laura Esther B
Thank you for creating this amazing tool ! It is truly incredible when you're an electronic music fan. 🙂 ...2022-09-19
Excellent work! I was looking for a new music discovery website for ages. Chosen is the perfect tool for the Spotify playlist generator. Please keep updating the backend and provide us with faster custom searching (Options +). ...2022-09-11
Your playlist analyzer tool is super helpful for vetting playlists that I want to pitch my music to, and making my artists playlists higher quality. I would LOVE a bulk playlist analyzer, or a feature that rates how much a song would fit onto a playlist. Thank you for your great tools! ...2022-09-09
buen trabajo y ustedes para el mío me ayudan mucho (una simbiosis, nos ayudamos mutuamente) gracias ...2022-09-08
Keep up the good work ...2022-09-05
Pablo Restrepo
I just wish I had discovered this site years ago. Good job! ...2022-08-29
y’all are dope!! keep up the great work! ...2022-08-25
Anna E
Brilliant! I've only used the Song Title Search, Similar Songs Finder and Music Genre Finder so far but that's only because they're so good I haven't needed to explore any further yet. I'm very impressed by how well the search results for all three of these tools match what I'm looking for. Also the fast response when I click on each sample to listen - saves me a lot of time. ...2022-08-24
Steve Cox
just getting started ...2022-08-22
Steve Cox
Just getting started, thanks for asking! ...2022-08-22
I have given the words of the song that I can remember. When I was a small child my aunt would sing this to me when I was in bed at night. I'm hoping someone can help me with this. Thank you Sharon. ...2022-08-22
I am interested in background music mostly calm, sentimental, emotional....etc. that can accompany reading poetry to use over social media. Thanks and good luck. ...2022-08-12
Chosic has been really helpful finding new music based on artists/songs I already like, it’s literally the best website I’ve used for discovering music. ...2022-08-09
This site rocks! Really enhances my music experience! Keep it up! ...2022-08-09
Hi Chosic-Team, Thank you for this ingenious webtool. Do you have an API in sight at some point (if not already available)? I have an interesting idea to develop a new kind of app using your technology 🙂 Gladly more in personal exchange via Meets, Zoom or so. Greetings from Lake Constance in Germany, Christopher ...2022-08-09
Thank you! ...2022-08-08
I am new here, liked the site from first view 😉 ...2022-08-08
Astounding. Love these tools... was trying to build my own. Especially slicing by genre, mood, etc. Well done. ...2022-08-06
Such a rad set of tools!!! ...2022-08-04
Thank you for keeping this service free and accessible! ...2022-08-04
I love that there is actually free music available that is better and more diverse than the limited YouTube audio library, for me to use in my YouTube cycling movies. Thank you. ...2022-08-04
xoxoxox ...2022-08-03
xoxoxo ...2022-08-03
I'm new to your site but I support businesses anyway I can! ...2022-08-01
we want some music for business using. and want hear the suggestions from you. ...2022-08-01
Thank you Chosic, I would like you know how I can get your API so people can pay you for access to your beautiful work ...2022-07-30