The Phantom of the Opera: story, movie and cello cover

Phantom of the Opera: story

There are rumors that the opera house in paris is haunted by a phantom who makes himself known by sending letters to the managers and by causing disturbances….. But Is that true!! and what is “The Phantom of the Opera” story?


Phantom of The Opera story 

It is one of the most tragic characters in fiction, opera and musical theatre. The story tells the tale of a masked man who haunts the depths of the Paris Opera House. His real name is Erik, a boy with hideously deformed face since birth, so he was shunned by his mother. He ran away as a child and made a living as a freak-show attraction.

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He ends up in Paris Opera, where he lived in the sewers underneath the Paris Opera House. The phantom/Erik falls in love with the obscure chorus singer, Christine, but things get worse when Christine meets back up with her childhood friend, Raoul, and the two fall in love, so Erik stored enough gunpowder in the bowels of the Opera to blow the entire Opera house if Christine, the woman he loves, refuse to stay and be his wife after he gave her what every hot blooded woman wants: Total and obedient worship. He also helped her with her voice and watched over her as a guardian angel.


To this day, however, Pierre Vidal, curator of the Palais Garnier’s museum and library, regularly receives calls asking him if the story of the Phantom is true. “We don’t like to break the  illusion,” he told The Telegraph, “but nobody but nobody has seen a ghost in the opera house. Although we do blame the ‘Phantom’ as a joke if something inexplicable happens”


Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of The Opera:

There have been many adaptations of Gaston Leroux’s 1910 novel The Phantom of the Opera published in 1909-10, but the phantom’s fame should attribute to its famous composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber who wrote his musical “Phantom of The Opera” in style of opera in 1986 Based on Leroux’s novel. Webber’s musical, which premiered on the West End in 1986, on Broadway in 1988, was finally filmed by Joel Schumacher for movie “The Phantom of the Opera (2004)”.

One of the most famous songs in Webber’s musical “The Music of the Night”. It is performed by the Phantom just after he leads Christine deeper and deeper into a remote sub-basement of the opera. The song opens with the words: ‘Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation / Darkness stirs and wakes imagination’. Another famous song “All I Ask of You”, which is a love duet between Christine and her childhood friend, Raoul.


Phantom of The Opera book

In fact, Leroux frames the story as a historical recount of one of the biggest tragedies that hit the Parisian upper class. It is a complex tale of loneliness, ugliness and love. However, The Phantom of the Opera is not entirely a figment of Gaston Leroux’s imagination. It has some facts which he use in his novel. for example: Architectural-structure wise, there is indeed a lake at the foundation of the Opera house. Also one of the Opera’s architects, named Eric, lived amid the foundations of the structure and had never been seen again…. 

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Cello cover of Webber’s Phantom of the Opera 

A band of 4 professional Czech cellists (Zvěřina, Jan Zemen, Petr Špaček, Ivan Vokáč), called Prague Cello Quartet, prize winners of many international competitions, have ensured with this updated Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous musical “The Phantom of the Opera” will create a new generation of Phantom fans. (video below)

The band, which was found in 2006, offers concert shows that comprise not just pieces by famous masters of chamber music, but also popular movie scores, or jazz, pop and rock hits. They also introduce classical music to listeners of all ages, So they are helping to ensure that classical music remains a staple in the future.

Enjoy PCQ cover of  Webber’s Phantom of the Opera:

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