Free Tools for Spotify Users

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Organize your music tools

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If you want to organize your music library, discover new music or analyze your listening habits to understand yourself better, but don’t want to waste hours of your time and energy, Here are some clever tools are offered by Chosic to help you.
Some tools ask you to login in with your Spotify account to use them. Others don’t need. Consider checking out.

Playlist Tools:

  1. Playlist Generator
  2. Playlist Analyzer
  3. Spotify Playlist Sorter
  4. Playlist Finder
  5. Top Spotify Playlists
  6. Playlist Names Generator
  7. Similar Playlist Generator
  8. Spotify Playlist Duplicate Remover


Songs Tools

  1. Song Title Search
  2. Song Genre Finder
  3. Spotify Song Analyzer
  4. Find Song By Lyrics
  5. Find Songs By Theme
  6. Song Name Generator
  7. Music Name Generator
  8. Random Songs Generator
  9. Similar Songs Finder
  10. Obscure Songs Finder


Artists Tools

  1. Similar Artists Finder
  2. Artist Genre Finder
  3. Artist Name Generator
  4. New Music Releases


Your Stats

  1. Your Spotify Stats
  2. Music Taste Analyzer


Genres Tools

  1. Music Genre Finder
  2. Explore Music Genres