200+ Best songs about friendship

We learn that friends are incredibly important, even more so than family sometimes as we grow up. Unfortunately, we do not get to choose our birth families. But the beautiful thing about the friendships we make along the way is that those people become our chosen families. The irony is that in the end, most of us learn more from our chosen families than we do from our real ones.

We are a collective of the top five friends we choose to have in our lives. And songs about friendship help us acknowledge those who have the most significant influence on who we become. Any song can remind you of the fantastic friends you choose to have in your life, even if it doesn’t specifically talk about friendship. Sometimes all it takes is a specific song to transport us to a particular time when the friends we love most, even ones who have since passed, surround us. Genuine friendships are some of the strongest bonds we make during our lives. So if you’re looking for the perfect songs to acknowledge how much you appreciate your chosen family, then look no further. This list of songs about friendship is sure to help you show them exactly how much they mean to you.

This list of unique 200+ best songs about friendship showcases famous and not-so-famous songs. Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Country and Folk/Acoustic hits from the 2010s, 2000s, 1990s and 2020s by artists like Lewis Capaldi and Ariana Grande and many others.

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