600+ Best songs about love

There is nothing in the world quite like love. Love can make you feel the happiest you’ve ever felt, or it can leave you feeling completely broken. And although we all know the risks involved with falling in love, most of us are willing to spend our lives looking for the one person who makes our heart sing.

Music is the embodiment of love, and most, if not all, music relates to it somehow. Often the subject of love in music comes in the form of falling in love or how it feels to have your heart broken. But, it is essential to note that romantic love isn’t the only form of love, nor is it the most significant. The love we feel for ourselves, family, and friends is equally as powerful. Love shapes who we become. It doesn’t matter if it’s the type of love we feel when we finally find ourselves or if it’s the type of love that comes from marrying your soulmate at nineteen. So, turn your music up and let this list of songs about love remind you how beautifully powerful it is.

This list of unique 600+ best songs about love showcases famous and not-so-famous songs. Rock, Pop, R&B and Easy listening hits from the 2000s, 2010s, 1990s and 1980s by artists like The Weeknd and Coldplay and many others.

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