94 Best songs about love

There is nothing in the world quite like love. Love can make you feel the happiest you’ve ever felt, or it can leave you feeling completely broken. And although we all know the risks involved with falling in love, most of us are willing to spend our lives looking for the one person who makes our heart sing.

Music is the embodiment of love, and most, if not all, music relates to it somehow. Often the subject of love in music comes in the form of falling in love or how it feels to have your heart broken. But, it is essential to note that romantic love isn’t the only form of love, nor is it the most significant. The love we feel for ourselves, family, and friends is equally as powerful. Love shapes who we become. It doesn’t matter if it’s the type of love we feel when we finally find ourselves or if it’s the type of love that comes from marrying your soulmate at nineteen. So, turn your music up and let this list of songs about love remind you how beautifully powerful it is.

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Genres: Quiet stormAdult standardsSoft rock

The song depicts the intoxicating feeling of love, comparing it to the effects of a hangover, showcasing the euphoria and longing love can bring.

Genres: Dance popPopUrban contemporary

Mariah Carey expresses the depth of her love and the clarity it brings to her life, portraying love as a powerful guiding force.

Genres: British invasionRockClassic rock

The Beatles capture the essence of infatuation and admiration in this song, describing the inexplicable allure and fascination of being in love.

Genres: Soul bluesTorch songJazz blues

Etta James celebrates finding true love, conveying the overwhelming joy and relief of finally discovering a soulmate.

Genres: Singer-songwriterMellow goldBaroque pop

The Beach Boys express a profound sense of devotion and dependence on a loved one, emphasizing the uncertainty of life without them.

Genres: SoulMemphis soulMotown

"My Girl" by The Temptations is a classic love song that celebrates the beauty and charm of a beloved partner. Its soulful melody and romantic lyrics express adoration and devotion, capturing the essence of falling head over heels for someone special.

Genres: Country dawnClassic country popCountry

Dolly Parton expresses bittersweet sentiments of eternal love and farewell, highlighting the enduring affection despite parting ways.

Genres: Pop soulNeo soulUrban contemporary

John Legend's heartfelt lyrics express unconditional love, offering every part of himself to his beloved without reservation.

Genres: SlowcoreIndie rockMelancholia

Cat Power sings of surrendering to the depths of love, immersing oneself in a sea of affection and desire.

Genres: Folk rockRockabillyMellow gold

The Righteous Brothers convey the timeless yearning and longing for a loved one, capturing the essence of romantic longing.

Genres: SoulSouthern soulClassic soul

Percy Sledge delves into the profound sacrifices and devotion that come with true love, portraying love as a deeply transformative force.

Genres: Permanent waveRockUk post-punk

The Cure celebrates the euphoria of being in love, portraying love as a source of happiness and excitement that transcends the ordinary.

Genres: Quiet stormClassic soulSoul

Al Green expresses a commitment to enduring love, pledging to stay together through the highs and lows of life.

Genres: Canadian pop

Céline Dion sings of gratitude for the transformative power of love, acknowledging the support and strength gained from a loved one's presence.

Genres: R&bHip hopNeo soul

Ms. Lauryn Hill and D'Angelo express the profound connection and significance of love, highlighting how everything else fades away in its presence.

Genres: Neo soulQuiet stormDisco

Chaka Khan celebrates the joy and excitement of newfound love, expressing the irresistible pull and magnetic attraction between two people.

Genres: La indieStomp and holler

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros evoke a sense of belonging and security found in the love of a partner, portraying love as a place of refuge and comfort.

Genres: Classic rockRockSoft rock

Fleetwood Mac sings of love's omnipresence, describing how love permeates every aspect of life and surrounds us wherever we go.

Genres: Vocal jazzNeo soulClassic soul

Aretha Franklin expresses the joy and devotion of love, likening the act of saying a prayer to the constant thoughts of a loved one.

Genres: Pop

Katy Perry captures the exhilarating feeling of young love, portraying love as a carefree and joyful experience filled with excitement and passion.

Genres: PopR&b

"Crazy In Love" by Beyoncé (feat. Jay-Z) is a fiery declaration of passion and desire, with its infectious beat and confident lyrics showcasing the intoxicating thrill of being in love. The song's dynamic energy and sensual vibe celebrate the exhilarating rush of falling head over heels for someone.

Genres: PopUrban contemporaryBarbadian pop

Rihanna's "We Found Love" is an upbeat song that narrates the exhilarating feeling of discovering love unexpectedly, portraying the intensity and excitement of a passionate relationship.

Genres: RockClassic rockSinger-songwriter

"You Make My Dreams (Come True)" by Daryl Hall & John Oates celebrates the euphoria of being in love, with upbeat melodies and lyrics expressing the joy and fulfillment that love brings. The song's catchy hooks and optimistic tone convey the overwhelming happiness of being with someone special.

Genres: Hip hopRapChicago rap

"Bound 2" by Kanye West is a love song that explores the ups and downs of a relationship, emphasizing the enduring connection and commitment despite challenges.

Genres: Baroque popPiano rockSinger-songwriter

This song explores the complexities of love, expressing a desire to understand and bridge the gap between partners, making it a poignant choice for weddings.

Genres: Mellow goldPiano rockRock

"Your Song" by Elton John is a heartfelt declaration of love, with its poignant lyrics and beautiful melody expressing deep affection and admiration for a significant other. The song's simplicity and sincerity make it a timeless ode to the power of love and its ability to inspire.

Genres: Pop soulBritish soulUk pop

Adele's "Someone Like You" is a poignant ballad about heartbreak and the difficulty of moving on after a relationship ends, conveying the enduring impact of a past love.

Genres: RockabillyRock-and-roll

"Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley is a timeless ballad that captures the irresistible allure of falling in love. Its gentle melody and heartfelt lyrics express the vulnerability and overwhelming emotions that come with opening one's heart to someone special.

Genres: Dance popPop

Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are" is a love song that celebrates and compliments the unique qualities of a romantic partner, emphasizing acceptance and appreciation for who they are.

Genres: Album rockYacht rockClassic rock

"Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac reflects on the complexities of love and relationships, with its introspective lyrics and poignant melody conveying a sense of vulnerability and growth. The song's emotional depth and haunting beauty capture the bittersweet journey of love and self-discovery.

Genres: Pop

"Unconditionally" by Katy Perry is a powerful anthem of unconditional love, emphasizing acceptance and devotion without reservation. The song's empowering lyrics and soaring vocals convey the strength and depth of love that transcends any obstacles or doubts.

Genres: Permanent waveDance popSoft rock

"Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper explores the enduring nature of love, portraying it as a constant presence even in the face of challenges. The song's heartfelt lyrics and haunting melody convey the loyalty and devotion that characterize true love, highlighting the idea of standing by each other through thick and thin.

Genres: Dance popPop

This duet reflects on the complexities of relationships, exploring the struggles and desire for understanding, with the hope that love can endure despite challenges.

Genres: LilithPop rock

"Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer captures the tender, romantic moments shared between two people in love. Its dreamy atmosphere and gentle acoustic sound paint a picture of affection and longing, emphasizing the intimacy and closeness between lovers.

Genres: Post-grungeNeo mellowPermanent wave

"Iris" is a love song by The Goo Goo Dolls that speaks to the deep connection and understanding between two people, capturing the essence of true love and emotional intimacy.

Genres: PopUk pop

Lewis Capaldi's "Someone You Loved" reflects on heartbreak and the lingering emotions after a relationship ends, conveying the enduring impact of love and loss.

Genres: PopPop soulUrban contemporary

John Legend's "All of Me" is a heartfelt love ballad expressing unconditional love, with lyrics that embrace both the strengths and vulnerabilities of a romantic relationship.

Genres: PopSinger-songwriter popUk pop

"Perfect" expresses Ed Sheeran's deep affection and admiration for his partner, celebrating the perfection he finds in their love and the desire for a lifelong commitment.

Genres: PopSinger-songwriter popUk pop

Ed Sheeran's "Thinking out Loud" is a romantic ballad that contemplates the enduring nature of love, expressing a commitment to growing old together with a partner.