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Genres: Singer-songwriterCountry rockFolk

"The City of New Orleans" follows the journey of a passenger train traveling from Chicago to New Orleans, highlighting the beauty of the American landscape seen through the train window. The lyrics capture the romance and nostalgia associated with train travel, reflecting on the history and culture of the cities the train passes through.

Genres: Vocal jazzJazzJazz piano

The song's title refers to a specific subway line in New York City, capturing the feeling of traveling on a train. The fast-paced tempo and swinging rhythms mirror the movement and energy of a train journey.

Genres: Arkansas countryOutlaw countryRock

The song 'Orange Blossom Special' by Johnny Cash is about a famous train that traveled from New York to Miami. The lyrics describe the experience of riding the train, the sights along the way, and the excitement of the journey.

Genres: MotownClassic soulQuiet storm

The song follows a woman leaving Los Angeles on a train to Georgia to follow her dreams, symbolizing her journey towards a new beginning. The train serves as a metaphor for escape, renewal, and the pursuit of a better life.

Genres: Folk rockBritish folkMellow gold

The lyrics of "Peace Train" use the metaphor of a train to symbolize a journey towards peace and unity. The train represents progress and movement towards a better world, carrying people of all backgrounds towards a common goal.

Genres: Rock-and-rollRockabilly

"Mystery Train" by Elvis Presley is about a train journey filled with uncertainty and intrigue, symbolizing the unpredictability of life's journey. The lyrics describe the narrator's emotional baggage and their desire to escape, mirroring the way trains physically transport people from one place to another.

Genres: RockArkansas countryOutlaw country

The song tells the true story of a train wreck involving the Old 97 locomotive. It describes the dangers and risks associated with operating trains at high speeds.

Genres: Psychedelic rockBritish bluesCountry rock

The lyrics describe the sound and rhythm of a train moving down the track, with the refrain "the train kept a-rollin' all night long." The energetic guitar riffs and fast tempo of the song also evoke the feeling of a train speeding along.

Genres: Philly soulClassic soulQuiet storm

The song "Love Train" by The O'Jays uses the metaphor of a train to symbolize unity, togetherness, and spreading love. The lyrics mention people from different backgrounds coming together and riding the "love train" towards a better world.

Genres: Canadian singer-songwriterClassic canadian rockMellow gold

The song "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane uses the metaphor of a train to symbolize the journey of life and the various obstacles and challenges one may face. The lyrics describe how life is like a train ride, with ups and downs, twists and turns, but ultimately, the journey is worth taking.

Genres: Soft rockRockClassic rock

The song "Last Train to Clarksville" by The Monkees uses the metaphor of a train journey to convey the feeling of leaving behind a relationship. The lyrics mention catching the last train out of town, symbolizing the final departure from a past love.

Genres: Permanent wavePop rockAlternative rock

"Runaway Train" uses the metaphor of a train to convey feelings of loss, loneliness, and despair. The lyrics reference trains as symbols of escape and freedom, mirroring the protagonist's desire to break free from their struggles.

Genres: Contemporary countryCountryCountry road

The song uses the metaphor of a long black train to represent temptation and sin leading people astray. It also mentions the sound and imagery of a train throughout the lyrics.

Genres: RockAlternative rockPermanent wave

The song "Train in Vain (Stand by Me)" by The Clash uses the metaphor of a train to convey the message of loyalty and support in a relationship, with the chorus repeating "You didn't stand by me" mirroring the feeling of being left behind by a departing train.

Genres: RockArkansas countryOutlaw country

The song's protagonist hears a train whistle blowing while imprisoned at Folsom Prison, evoking feelings of freedom and escape. The lyrics also mention riding on a train, symbolizing the desire for a new beginning and leaving the past behind.

Genres: SoulVocal jazzFunk

The song "Night Train" by James Brown is about the excitement and rhythm of traveling on a train through the night. It uses the imagery of a train journey to convey a sense of movement, energy, and freedom.

Genres: Doo-wopRock-and-rollBrill building pop

"The Locomotion" by Little Eva uses train-related imagery and sound effects to create a fun and energetic dance song centered around the theme of movement and rhythm. The lyrics and upbeat tempo mimic the sounds and motions of a train, making it a catchy and memorable tune about trains.

Genres: Southern soulSoulSoul blues

The lyrics describe the fast pace and movement of a train, using it as a metaphor for the singer's desire for change and adventure. The rhythmic beat of the music mimics the sound of a train moving swiftly along the tracks.

Genres: Psychedelic rockCosmic americanJam band

The song "Casey Jones" tells the story of a reckless train engineer named Casey Jones. The lyrics describe his fast-paced and dangerous lifestyle, emphasizing the connection between the song and trains.

Genres: Roots rockFolkSinger-songwriter

The song "Slow Train" by Bob Dylan uses the metaphor of a train to symbolize life's journey and the passage of time. The lyrics describe the train as a symbol of change, progress, and the inevitability of moving forward.