Berk Gürman & Öykü Gürman – Turkish flamenco

Berk Gürman & Öykü Gürman - Turkish flamenco

Turkish guitarist Berk Gürman and his twin sister singer Öykü Gürman made a flamenco happy cover of singer Ibrahim Tatlises’s sad song “Nankör Kedi” which means “Ungrateful Cat”. 

Berk Gürman and Öykü Gürman was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1982 to a musical family. His mother’s proficiency in Turkish music, along with his father’s enthusiasm for flamenco and Berk’s love for guitar are the biggest reasons behind their decision to follow their ambitions, in a way music was transferred to him genetically. They also used to sleep with lullabies and listen to flamenco music since they were kids. Öykü became a pop and flamenco singer, graduated from conservatory and her brother Berk is both a guitarist and a singer studied sound engineering Bilgi University in Turkey after received training at flamenco music in Spain. They have been known in the video site of YouTube by performing the song “Evlerinin Önü Boyalı direk” in 2007 which spread quickly with millions of view. 

There is one point that they both agree; that flamenco is life itself! The story of flamenco has a lot of common features with Turkish music, says Berk.

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“Nankör Kedi” English Lyrics:

what did i say, what did i say to you
what did i say since you slammed the door and went
oh remorseless, oh cruel’s girl, oh ungrateful cat
say something
you said love, didn’t we love
didn’t we submit for love
the whole bad habits even the good friends
them) for you?
today i have to seperate again
i have to be thrown in the air like a crazy one
today i have to sigh again
oh oh oh ….
oh nevermind, just let it go, the god is great
every pain do have a ah* (to get ah means to be cursed for one´s cruelty)
you’ll take a sigh and everything will be end
of of of of



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